Large selection of videos and films at 123movies

At first glance, you will find a large selection of series and films on 123movies.

I can recommend movies like Mr. Robot, The Affair, The Exorcist, Hand Of God, Scandal, Masters Of Sex, Homeland, Downton Abbey, Grimm, Halt and catch Fire, Extant, Revenge or Transparent.

But of course you can find many other recommended series on 123movies.

At first glance, the selection of films also appears to be quite decent, although I have to say that I didn't deal with the films so intensively. I am more of a fan of movies than films.

However, you should know that 123movies offers more movies and films than the affordable 123movies membership. That's why it happens again and again that you can watch some seasons of a series via Prime Video, but you would have to spend additional money for the newest season.

As an example, I can cite the Homeland series here. You can watch the first three seasons of Homeland all about your Prime Video membership at the time of this review. However, if you want to watch the fourth season, you have to pay it extra, because it is not included in the 123movies offer.

Given that Prime membership currently only costs 69 euros per year, it is understandable that this tariff does not include all series and films without restrictions.

The Prime Originals and Exclusives are always worth mentioning . These include series such as Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Beat, Pastewka, Vikings, Lucifer, Taboo, The Grand Tour, The Man In the High Castle, American Gods, Life in Pieces and some more.

In the future, 123movies would like to further expand its own productions and as a series fan it will soon be inevitable to also conclude an 123movies membership.

However, you should note that it is simply not possible to publish a list of highly recommended series and films here, since it can change constantly which series and films are included in the Prime subscription.

Films and series are dropped and new ones are added. So there is a constant change with 123movies.

Watch 123movies through the browser
As a 123movies user, the easiest and fastest way to access your films and series is to watch these videos via a browser. Of course, it doesn't matter whether you are sitting on a desktop PC or using a notebook.

To do this, simply surf to the 123movies homepage with a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or another browser and log in there with your 123movies account.

In the main navigation you will now find the navigation point "My 123movies". With a click on "123movies Movies" you land on the 123movies movies page and can browse to your heart's content in the large selection of movies and series.

For better orientation, the videos on this page are divided into various helpful categories. There you will find categories such as: Recently added films, Recently added series, Exclusive series, Most viewed series, Personal film recommendations based on your previously viewed movies and a few more.

Overall, this representation is very clear and invites you to rummage intensely.

Once you have decided on a film or series, you can easily watch it in your browser. It works very well, smoothly and absolutely without any problems. In the following you can see the controls and their explanations, which are available to you when watching 123movies in the browser.