• 20% Discount Elegant Themes & DIVI 🥇 September 2019

20% Discount Elegant Themes & DIVI 🥇
Promo Code September 2019

Updated on September 30: The 20% Discount on the Divi Theme is still available.

Yes, it is unbelievable. With a click on the button, you get 20% off on all Themes of Elegant Themes. This also includes the popular Page Builder Divi.

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Elegant Themes and Divi Promo Discount Code with 20%

What is the Divi Builder?

If you don’t know Divi Theme yet, you’re late. I will explain what Divi WordPress is. Divi is a mega WordPress template that allows you to design anything you can imagine. If you want your website to have a specific design, you can do it with Divi 3.0 without much difficulty.


It is designed for people who do not want to make designs from scratch. With this WordPress theme it is not necessary to layout in PSD, convert to HTML, and then integrate the WordPress code. That is not necessary with Divi. This mega theme saves you all that work, and that is because it includes a visual Drag & Drop constructor or commonly called as Divi Builder that allows you to add any type of element, drag and drop it wherever it seems to you within the page you are designing. It’s that simple.


So what is divi?

For my experience as a Web Designer, for me Divi is the following.

Divi is:

  • WordPress theme: You install Divi like a normal WordPress Theme. In the WordPress menu option Appearance> Themes you can see that you have the Divi Theme installed correctly. It is really that simple because it has the same structure of any WordPress template. It has at least the style.css file as the only indispensable file that a WordPress template must have in order to function as such.

  • builder: Divi is also a builder. In the menu option of WordPress Entries and Pages you can see how a purple button appears below the title of the entry Use the Divi constructor that allows you to change the mode at the time of writing the Entries. If you press it, you will go from writing the entry in text mode with its TinyMCE wysiwyg keypad to a new more visual mode where you can drag and drop module boxes to design your Entry or Page.

Advantages of Divi and why to use a Divi Discount Code

Divi is a template that helps you design any website. The goal of using Divi is to create websites with a professional look, as if we were designers.

  • It is very simple to use.
  • It is translated into many languages.
  • It has a live editing mode without you having to use the Preview to see how it looks.
  • It allows to realize the design for desktop, mobile and tablet PCs. It is totally responsive. You can make some elements look only on one type of device and not on the rest.
  • You can make professional designs without knowing HTML or CSS.
  • For advanced users you can customize the HTML or CSS of each element.
  • It has a Library to be able to reuse designs in several Pages or Entries without having to design them again.
  • It allows you to export configurations of any element in JSON to be able to import it on another website or from the development environment to the production environment.
  • It is 100% compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Compatible with CloudFlare CDN.
  • Compatible with Let´s Encrypt SSL certificates.
  • It is compatible with PHP 7.
  • With our Promo Code Discount link you save up to 20%

How to buy Divi?

You already know what Divi of Elegant Themes is, and you are almost convinced that you want to buy this magnificent template. To be honest, I started testing Divi with a NULL fear of those that are out there because I did not know that Elegant Themes offered a demo of Divi to try it. Maybe the demo will be released later and that’s why I didn’t find it. But in the end I ended up deciding and started testing Divi with the 1-year to see how I was doing and if I really saw that I could write it off and take advantage of it. During that year I started using Divi with my personal blog, the one you are reading, and then I used it on some of my clients’ websites. Before the good impressions of my clients and my own, I decided to extend my subscription with the Lifetime license offered by Elegant Themes. Although it seems like a lot of money, then you will see that it is the best investment you could have made.

To buy Divi you just have to enter the Elegant Themes website and click on the button that you will see that Join Today or Sign Up Today puts. But you would do me a favor if you enter from my affiliate link for Elegant Themes, I press with a small commission for recommending a purchase. The same will cost you. I encourage you to use the following link to buy it.

But if you look, you are seeing the DISCOUNTED PRICES above. And that you can only get if you enter with my link below. It is a link that allows you to get the Divi template with a 20% discount on the 1-year license , and a 20% discount on the lifetime license. You just have to click on the following image that I leave you, and only with this link can you get such a discount.


Why buy Divi and not another?

  • I chose Divi because it is the only one I found with a lifetime license. You only pay once. There are no annual payments.
  • By it is constantly updated and does not remain outdated with security problems. Safety first.

These are the main reasons we should have to buy a template. It happened to me that I bought templates $ 69 or $ 89 professions and then they become obsolete, with security problems. Yes, they are very beautiful, but in the end you have problems with the web. You cannot update it, and you must change the template. In the end you are in big trouble with a template that you initially thought was good just for having bought it.

With Divi I don’t have those problems anymore and I can rest assured that he doesn’t stay outdated.

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