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Any Beaver Builder Black Friday specials?

Beaver Builder Coupons, Promo Codes

Are there any Coupons, Discount Codes, Promo codes available?

What was the highest Discount ever?

Why there is no Promo Code?

I heard of a 30% Coupon code, is that true?

After the advent of Page Builder plugins, their use quickly became very popular. At the same time, the Beaver Builder , which has been available since 2014 , is set to work with the claim of being stable, functional and working with as clean a code as possible. The Beaver Builder has remained faithful to this goal to this day. Even though many web designers support the use of Page Builder Plugins, the Beaver Builder was mostly preferred by this professional group to other Page Builder plugins. Reason enough for a Beaver Builder test.

Since 2017, there is also an add-on called Beaver Themer , which includes the creation of page content and the design of repetitive page elements such as headers, Footer or sidebar
allows. In addition, you can create general layouts that influence the presentation of blog posts across the board. This made the Beaver Builder one of the first to provide such Theme Builder functionality.

Prices & conditions
Very pleasant: Basically, the Builder can be used on an unlimited number of pages – even for acquaintances or customers! The differences lie in the additional functionality. Thus, from the Pro Package, the plugin can also be used on multisite installations and the special Beaver Builder Theme is included in the price.

The Agency Package offers white labeling, so that logged-in users can not directly recognize that the Beaver Builder is being used there. In addition, there is a central setting function for multi-site installations with which network-wide settings for the use of the Beaver Builder can be made.

The prices are valid for one year of support and updates. In brackets the so-called Renewal price is indicated. If you renew your existing subscription for another year, you will receive a 40% discount on the retail price.