Best Nintendo Switch Games


Super Mario Maker 2


Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Dragon Quest Builders 2


Yoshi’s Crafted World


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ‚Äď Complete Edition




Assassin’s Creed III Remastered


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Nintendo Switch games – fun at home and on the go

Video games are an exciting and entertaining pastime for young and old.¬†Characters like Super Mario or Donkey Kong have even turned into a true fanatic in contemporary pop culture and have become true superstars.¬†Modern developments and progressive technologies make it possible to experience new gaming experiences.¬†Since its launch in 2017, Nintendo’s Switch is one of the absolute favorites among the consoles.¬†What distinguishes them, what a Joy-Con is and what special features you can discover in the Nintendo Switch games, we explain to you in this guide.


1. The company Nintendo

The Nintendo KK brand is a Japanese manufacturer of game consoles and related video games. Originally the company was founded in 1889 as a producer of playing cards, but soon brought electronic game consoles to the market, which sold successfully all over the world. Among the most well-known consoles are the Game Boy and the Nintendo DS, as stationary models attained above all the Nintendo Entertainment system and the super Nintendo cult status. Game series such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong or Pokémon have been inspiring young and old for many years.

2. What distinguishes the Nintendo Switch?

It is a game console, which is characterized mainly by their changeable game modes.¬†Therefore, it also carries the name “Switch”, which means in German as much as “switch” or “switch”.¬†Two controllers (input devices for controlling the games) are included in the delivery of the original device, as an extension more can be purchased.¬†The local multiplayer option allows you to connect up to eight nearby devices to play together or compete against each other.¬†The online multiplayer mode can be activated via an internet connection.
The Nintendo Switch can be used in three different game modes:

TV mode:

The console can be connected to the TV at home. In this case, the controllers are removed from the switch, the game is displayed on the TV. This mode is ideal for playing with multiple players, but also makes you alone joy.

Table mode:

The Nintendo console can be placed on the table as a small screen. The controllers are removed, each player requires a so-called Joy-Con. This is especially useful when traveling and a great solution for up to two players when no TV is available.

Handheld mode:

As a portable solution, the switch is ideal for one person. Both controllers are located on the console, which also serves as a screen. If this mode is preferred and the gaming console is used on the move, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a sensible alternative to the Nintendo Switch.

2.1 The Joy-Con

As Joy-Cons, the controllers are called the Nintendo Switch.¬†They can be fastened together on the sides of the screen, used together with the Joy-Con holder as well as individually.¬†They can be used vertically or horizontally and it is also possible to play with one controller per hand.¬†In addition, they are equipped with a vibration function, so that they make the fun even more intense experience.¬†In addition, an integrated infrared motion camera can be used to determine shapes, movements and distance to objects.¬†This provides completely new game options.¬†For example, the camera registers whether a fist is shaped as “scissors,” “stone,” or “paper.”¬†The controllers are available in different colors,¬†which present themselves either in plain colors or in cheerful bright colors.¬†They are loaded together with the screen in the charging station.¬†As a further accessory, you can also purchase a professional controller or steering wheels, in which the Joy-Con is installed.



3. Which games are available?

The Nintendo Switch games address different and individual interests of children, adolescents and adults. In this section we would like to introduce you to the different genres in which the games can be classified.

3.1 Sport

Numerous games revolve around the topic of sports. The fact that the Joy-Con is removable and equipped with a hand strap, the switch is ideal for games that are controllable not only by pressing a button, but also by movement. Many other sports, from boxing to riding, offer the right competition for everyone.

3.2 Adventure

The classic adventures are not too short. At this game location, your offspring can experience virtually eventful stories, rescue kidnapped princesses, visit alien planets, or collect mythical creatures. Child-friendly, the numerous games offer good entertainment.

3.3 Action

Games of the action genre require a lot of skill and quick reactions. Therefore, they already require advanced motor skills in their offspring and are also played by older children and adolescents.

3.4 Beat ’em ups

Beat ’em-ups games focus on fighting with opposing characters. Although the characters have cute features, this genre is usually recommended only beginning from the age of twelve.

3.5 Jump ‘n’ Run

Jump ‘n’ Run refers to Nintendo Switch games in which the player moves both jumping (jump) and running.¬†The roots of the jump ‘n’ run are already in the beginnings of video games, but even today the genre enjoys great popularity.

3.6 Party & Singing

Party games are designed to bring together many players. Short, humorous competitions, singing competitions and exciting community tasks ensure that there is always something to laugh about in the big round. The games are often not only play with several friends, but prepare alone or as a couple joy.

3.7 racing games

Of course, missing the switch, the classic, popular racing games not. Whether with cult figures like Super Mario and Donkey Kong or futuristic vehicles Рracing games are not going out of fashion. So the Nintendo Switch games inspire in this case as a favorite in single or multiplayer mode.

3.8 Role-playing games

Role-playing games are closely related to action, adventure and strategy and sometimes overlap with them. Role-playing games allow your child to play the role of a fictitious, often self-made game character and to enhance their skills through acquired experience as the game progresses.

3.9 simulators

Your child has always wanted to drive a tractor or fly a plane? At least virtually, you can fulfill his wish with a simulator game. Large agricultural machinery, vehicles and airplanes can be controlled from the first-person perspective and in some cases offer their offspring an almost realistic insight into the driving and operating modes.

3.10 Strategy

In so-called strategy games, the focus is on tactical considerations and well-planned moves. As a rule, you play against the computer or against other players.

3.11 classics

Even absolute classics can be found. From mahjong to monopoly to extensive game collections, the most popular classic games can now be experienced digitally. In addition, exciting puzzles also belong to this category.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, we would like to answer two frequently asked questions.


How much storage space does the switch have?
The switch has 32 gigabytes of storage space, part of which is used for the system. External microSDXC memory cards can easily and easily expand the storage space to up to 2 terabytes.


How long does the battery last?
The battery can last for up to six hours. The actual duration, however, depends on the Nintendo Switch games used and usage conditions. Practical is that the console can be charged via the included adapter while playing, alternatively, it loads in the docking station. If the battery is empty, the console automatically switches to stand-by mode to save the game.

Charts: The best games for Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo’s flexible game console Nintendo Switch come regularly new games on the market. With Super Mario and Legend of Zelda, the manufacturer is also celebrating great success on this device – the Nintendo classics are always among the most popular games and are at the top of the charts. But also sports, action and strategy, party and puzzle games are among the list of the best games for Nintendo Switch. Release dates inform Nintendo on time on their own website.

Discover and buy new games for Nintendo Switch

There are many games that will be eagerly awaited for each game console – Legend of Zelda, Fifa, a new Lego classic, or a new Pok√©mon section. In addition to Nintendo itself, numerous game magazines online provide all important release data online. Good to know for players: Not all games for Nintendo Switch come as a physical game in the retail – the trend is clear for online purchase and subsequent download of the game. In the Nintendo e-shop you can also sign up for “My Nintendo” and earn bonus points, benefit from exclusive offers and discounts and connect with the Nintendo community.¬†

Leader in the charts: The best games for Nintendo Switch

Inseparable from the name Nintendo is Super Mario.¬†The mustachioed Italian in plumber trousers regularly leads the charts of the best games.¬†In 1985, “Super Mario Bros.” began the success story of today’s most famous character from a video game.¬†Super Mario significantly influenced the game genre Jump & Run, but also celebrated success with car racing, sports and party games.¬†From the Super Mario Universe also numerous other figures and game series have been created, such as Mario’s buddy Luigi or the turtle Yoshi.¬†Wherever the little Italian or one of his friends is involved, success is guaranteed – the release dates for these games for Nintendo Switch are always eagerly awaited,

Another coup in a slightly different genre Nintendo succeeded in 1986 with the series of games “The Legend of Zelda”.¬†A total of 19 official parts plus several offshoots have appeared as a game for Nintendo Switch and other game consoles until today.¬†With over 60 million units sold, “The Legend of Zelda” is the most successful action-adventure game ever.¬†The rough plot revolves around the rescue of the princess Zelda and the divine artifact Triforce, which should give infinite power.
Incidentally, the Donkey Kong and Pokémon series are also in the Nintendo earnings account. The successful game classics were invented by the Japanese company or individual employees and then successfully marketed worldwide.

About the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is available since March 2017 as a successor to the Nintendo Wii U on the market. The special feature of the game console is the flexible design, which allows playing on the TV at home or on the console display on the go. The Nintendo Switch consists of three parts: the display and two controllers, the so-called Joy Cons. These can be attached directly to the display, giving you a handheld console. If you remove the Joy Cons, you can place the display in a holder and play with friends, for example, or on separate screens. It is also possible to connect up to eight consoles and play games in multiplayer mode. In addition to the console itself, there are also classic controllers, gamepads and other accessories, such as a steering wheel. A downer for former Wii U players: Unfortunately, the games of this console can not be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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