Best WordPress Themes 2019

Best WordPress Themes 2019

Our huge review provides an overview of the latest and greatest WordPress Themes in 2019. The success story of WordPress does not end in 2019. Premium WordPress themes are springing up – but beware, not every WordPress theme does what it promises.

Almost 29% of all websites are now based on the successful CMS WordPress. WordPress is not only for beginners but also for advanced and professionals. The open source application initially starts as pure blog software. In 2019, however, WordPress has evolved into a Content Management System (CMS). Old CMS fell victim to WordPress, so CMS like Joomla or Drupal are a thing of the past. Even the highly complex Typo3 trembles before WordPress and has crept into its own CMS niche.

Best WordPress Theme Page Builder 2019

  1. Divi Page Builder by Elegant Themes
  2. Elementor
  3. Beaver Builder

Best WordPress Themes by Category

  1. Creative Agency & Portfolio:
    Divi, The X Theme, Bridge
  2. Freelancers, Bloggers, SEO, Social Media:
    Optimize, Florence, SimpleMag
  3. Interior Design, Artists, and Architects:
    Flamingo, Kalium, Stockholm
  4. Photographers and Video Editors:
    Kinetika, Photographer, Lens
  5. Musicians, Bands, and Broadcasters:
    Shuffle, Spectra, Muzak
  6. Events, Conferences, Congresses, and Festivals:
    Meetup, Im Event

Biggest sources for Premium WordPress Themes:


If you have not yet worked with WordPress, you should know that for designing a web page you only need 3 steps:

1. Learn WordPress

There’s no need for you to become a web design expert, but you should master the basics of WordPress if you want to realize your projects with it. Below are the most important links to learn about WordPress, with all the steps required to design your new website.

2. Install WordPress

To install WordPress you must first buy web hosting, that’s the place where you host your website and have a domain. Here’s a step-by-step guide to install WordPress on any Web Host:

Important: In order to enjoy your project in the long run, I recommend that you buy a professional, secure, fast and specialized wordpress hosting that offers excellent quality at an affordable price.

3. Buy the best WordPress Theme for your project

This is an essential factor. Choosing a good template or theme for WordPress will allow you to work easily and achieve a truly professional result. I do not recommend that you use free templates, as they are quite limited. For an approximate price that ranges between $ 40-60 $, you can purchase a premium professional WordPress Theme with which you can design a web page easily and in a short time.

How to choose a template or theme for WordPress?
To find out, we first need to set some selection criteria for the best WordPress Themes 2019. This also applies to the purpose of the theme. You can go in any direction with your style: portfolio, WooCommerce, photography, corporate or minimalistic. There are so many possibilities with WordPress. So, before you pick the perfect theme, you need to think about your requirements and define your target market when selecting the theme.

Some other important points before buying a theme:

  • Design and visual quality
  • Load speed and code optimization
  • Number of options to customize the theme
  • How many Demo Pages are included?
  • Is the theme updated frequently?
  • How is the support?
  • Does the funcionality fit to your project?
  • Amount of total sales, is it a best seller?
  • Premium plugins included, such as Visual Composer
  • Reviews of buyers

Below is the most complete list of the best WordPress Themes in 2019.

Hooray! So, after a long research time, I present to you what I think is the most complete list of WordPress themes in 2019. Of course, over 10 years of web design experience played a certain role in the rating. Furthermore, I have divided the themes into different categories so that the choice is easier for you and you can choose the one that best suits your project. To buy one of these templates, you only have to register on the respective website.

Best WordPress Themes for Advertising and Marketing Agencies, Social Media and Design Studios.

1. Divi

Divi by Elegant Themes is very popular. This is largely due to the Divi Page Builder, which is unique in the WordPress Themes scene. In that sense, you do not buy just Divi from Elegant Themes, but also the Divi Page Builder. With this Visual Layout Builder, you have unlimited possibilities and can create any kind of WordPress website: No matter if Restaurant, Portfolio or Minimalist – with the Divi Page Builder everything is possible and without programming knowledge or previous knowledge. In this respect, you can compare the Divi Page Builder with a homepage builder for WordPress. It’s worth a look and this video also show you the possibilities associated with Divi:

2. The X Theme

The X Theme is a premium template for WordPress with an excellent visual finish and a lot of styles and demo content. In addition, it includes a very intuitive visual layout of its own, as well as advanced plugins to make a high-quality web project. Already for five years on the market, you can assume that it will not lose rankings in 2019 either.

The X Theme comes with the Cornerstone Page Builder and has a lot to offer. With 29 extensions/plugins that can be installed with just one click, the developers have proven their code experience and also offer you many functionalities with it: Woo Checkout Editor, E & P Forms Builder, Modern Events Calendar. 

3. Bridge

Bridge is a premium-level theme that stands out above all for its extraordinary number of customization options and for offering more than 200 different demos to easily design almost any project. For only $ 39 you get a multi-purpose theme that you can use versatile. Bridge is extremely customizable and allows you to create everything from the minimalist WooCommerce Shop to the elaborate Fullwidth Portfolio. A wealth of content elements leaves no wish unfulfilled. In addition, there are four premium plugins when buying Bridge. One of them is the Timetable Plugin, which allows you to integrate a calendar function into your WordPress project.

4. Salient

Salient is familiar to many of us from past years. That should be about five years ago. Since then, however, Salient has changed fundamentally and greatly expanded. Last year, I had the pleasure of being able to implement a project again with the Salient Theme. Typography on point, great animations, and many innovative, ready-made layouts are just a few features of the theme. The demo layouts of Salient are definitely among the best designs on Themeforest. Granted, whoever does not know Visual Composer will initially be confused by the many options in the layout. The demo layouts, however, offer a good starting point. Also, I first installed a demo layout and then, starting from this, adapted the project. Since you can see exactly how the web design looks, you can adjust it to your liking.

5. Uncode

Uncode is a fairly new and modern style template, with 32 very powerful demos to design anything you can think of. Includes Visual Composer so you can design your sections in a really simple way.  Just the various demos of the Uncode theme show the flexibility of the theme and make it interesting for many areas. Whether a start-up, designer or musician – it offers you all the possibilities in the design and implementation of your ideas with WordPress. Although the developers advertise with a page score of 98%, Uncode is a bit slow at least on the go. In times of mobile-first, the developers here have to improve! Despite the slow performance, it has earned its place on the list, as it is extremely flexible. Fullwidth, Metro, Grid, Masonry or Fluid – with Uncode you have great possibilities.

  • Adaptive images
  • Great demo designs
  • 6 different menu layouts (including left or off-canvas menus)
  • 6 premium plugins inclusive
  • 50 demo layouts makes it easy for beginners
  • WooCommerce and WPML-ready
  • Responsive design

6. Impreza

The Impreza Theme is increasingly climbing its way to the top of the Themeforest sales charts. Understated for a long time as an underdog, it offers everything you need for your new WordPress project. That is why many web design agencies like this theme. If you see the demos of Impreza, you’ll know why: It is extremely versatile. Whether minimalist portfolio theme or wide, bold restaurant theme – Impreza is extremely versatile. The Visual Composer ensures that you can drag and drop your layouts – without any programming skills. The theme options are also clearly structured and offer a refreshing change from numerous options such as in the Avada theme.

7. Enfold

The Enfold Theme is one of my favorite WordPress themes, and not just since 2019. For many years now, I swear by the Avia Page Builder of Enfold, which I find much more user-friendly than the Visual Composer other WordPress Themes shows up. It makes a solid impression and offers many common content modules (Slider, Tabs, Accordion menus, etc) to design your new WordPress site. So you are very flexible and can create many different layouts with Enfold. The code has gained a lot of clarity in recent months and is occasionally cleaned up by the developers. This certainly can not claim every theme, e.g. Avada’s code is pretty messy and huge, as it has never been cleaned up properly. The nice thing about Enfold is also that new, meaningful functions appear again and again. Also, there are always new demo layouts added that provide the perfect framework for almost every industry. No matter if it’s Photography, Restaurant, Wedding, Landing Page, Hotel or Consulting – with Enfolds Layout demos you have a good starting point for your next WordPress project.

8. Jupiter

Jupiter belongs to the newcomers but already looks very promising. It comes with its visual page builder and includes over 160 demos to help you get started. Also, Jupiter offers a shop customizer (based on WooCommerce). Thus, it is particularly well suited for prospective shop owners who are looking for an e-commerce theme. The special advantage of Jupiter, however, is the performance. Certainly a multi-purpose theme and thus always a tick slower – but Jupiter has an innovative technology that loads only currently used modules. This means that your theme does not load all functionalities that are integrated, but only those that are in use right now. Besides, Jupiter contains the exclusive Edge Slider (parallax scrolling is also possible). This was coded especially for the Jupiter Theme and is also optimized for performance. Jupiter is worth a look.

9. BeTheme

The BeTheme is one of the best-selling themes on Themeforest and has long been one of the top dogs in the theme jungle. As a Layout Builder you can choose between the Muffin Builder 3 or the well-known Visual Composer. The Muffin Layout Builder is only partially suitable for complex layouts and does not make a stable impression.

But with the Visual Composer (which is integrated in many premium themes) you can easily and quickly reach your destination. Another advantage: When changing the theme, chances are that your future theme will also work with the Visual Composer. So you save the training period in a new Visual Layout Builder. Especially noteworthy for this theme is the free style Google Map. The BeTheme also offers endless options but clearer than the Avada Theme. In addition, there are over 200 demo layouts that can be activated with a 1-Click installation.

10. The7

The The7 Theme is one of the top sellers Themeforest. It offers a Design Wizard, with which you can put together your website with just a few clicks. The developers advertise with over 850 theme options – many setting options, which in turn press the usability of the theme. After all, everything wants to be loaded. To get an overview here, you first have to familiarize yourself with The7, if you do not want to use the ready-made demos. But if you’ve set everything up, it can be a long time friend on your design road. I especially like the smooth animations as well as the typography, which is very balanced in this theme. The demos are all beautifully designed and make a good starting point for your new project. The7 – worth a look!

11. Brick

A truly superior template with great styles for portfolios and pages that focus on the visual. Contains Visual Composer for easy layout and plugins like LayerSlider to create animated galleries.

12. The Total

A classic without a doubt. Rarely you find such a balanced template between visual quality, personalization, premium plugins like Visual Composer, various demos, loading speed and support. I especially recommend The Total when you start a project from scratch, so you can adapt it as you like.

13. Angle

Angle is a multipurpose theme with which you can create almost any type of web project. It comes with a wide range of customization options, demo content, graphic effects, libraries of icons and fonts, mega menus, etc. And, of course, it includes Visual Composer to design with creativity and style.

14. Oshine

Another WordPress template of an excellent level, which stands out above all for its high quality and its number of different layouts to create your pages and your portfolio and blog sections, which you can install in one click. All this accompanied by Visual Composer so that designing is very easy and comes with a lot of options.

15. Avada

After the Avada Theme did not show up in the best WordPress Themes list last year, I decided to mention it again this year. One thing is certain: No matter which project you want to launch – Avada is pretty much for everything. Whether portfolio, restaurant, dentist, blogger, etc. – Avada offers you almost endless possibilities. Since it is very popular, it also has good support and is constantly updated. The developers advertise with Avada not only as a theme but as a powerful design tool. So the developers are right. But with all the advantages of Avada, there are also the disadvantages: long loading times, too many options make it difficult to keep track, etc. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the Avada WordPress Theme.

16. PILE

PILE is a WordPress Portfolio Theme with high standards. Granted, the price of it is very high – if you want to leave your potential customers or prospects with open mouths, then it is your first choice. PILE is styled to the smallest detail – it shows the love of the designers for small things. This love is also reflected in the price: $ 225 is probably one of the highest prices for a WordPress Portfolio Theme, but worth every penny here. Parallax Scrolling should have every WordPress theme in 2019 – PILE goes one step further and offers parallax scrolling for content elements. PILE is definitely worth a look. The following video allows a look behind the scenes of it:

17. Proton

The Proton Portfolio theme is not a multi-purpose theme, so it’s only suitable as a portfolio theme. But it is ideal. Thus, the proton theme dispenses with complex content elements that you do not need for your portfolio, which in turn benefits the performance since no 90+ content elements need to be loaded. I especially like the typography of the proton themes, which was chosen with much love. Also, setting up Proton is very easy, as there are not 800 different options. In this respect, every freelancer should take a look at the proton theme in search of a minimalist portfolio theme. Incidentally, WooCommerce is also supported. If you want to offer your work as a freelancer in the future via your WordPress website in your online shop.

18. TheGem

TheGem – a few years ago it was very popular. Unfortunately, the disappointment came with the wonderful demo layouts in the backend. The adaptability of the TheGem theme was limited and so managed the theme Although the entry in the most popular Themes 2017 – but it could not maintain the success. Too many critical voices came up. The TheGem theme is still a good choice and is one of the best WordPress themes this year, but it has a bitter aftertaste. What happened? The more than 200 demos look all top – but lives a theme of his pictures (which in most cases just do not belong to the demo). If you start to fill the theme with your own pictures, which were not made by a designer, meets the great demo layout on the reality. Nevertheless, the TheGem Theme (just because of the ready-made demos) worth a look and has made this year the way to the list.

19. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is not one of the big themes in the scene – yet it has made its way into the list of great WordPress themes. The aesthetics and functionality of the theme do not need to hide behind its big theme brothers. Brooklyn was coded with love and you can see that in the details. And so the CSS3 animations are extremely smooth and the scrolling on the subpages of the Brooklyn theme is extremely fun. It has everything you need: parallax scrolling, a powerful grid system, FullWidth content, Video Backgrounds, Particle System, Team Sliders and Fullwidth Backgrounds. The demo layouts of the Brooklyn Themes also show the manifold possibilities of the layouts with the theme.

Best WordPress Themes for Professional Freelancers, Bloggers, Journalists, Social Media Specialists

20. Optimize

A premium template with 12 excellent demo pages and with trendy flat design, ideal for Digital Marketing, Design and SEO agencies. Also, with excellent load optimization to improve SEO in Google. Includes free Visual Composer and Revolution Slider.

21. Florence

Florence ist eine Vorlage für Blogger die einen eleganten und modernen Stil suchen. Sie eignet sich perfekt, um schnell und ohne größeren Aufwand ein Blog zu erstellen und um dank der zahlreichen Optionen alles anzupassen, was Sie möchten. Und es beinhaltet auch etwas Großartiges: Sie können Ihre Formulare für Abonnenten anpassen.

22. SimpleMag

SimpleMag is a classic when it comes to templates for bloggers or magazines. Minimalist, simple to work, good typography, ideal for professionals who want a premium blog in a short time. It allows making advanced menus to display your content visually.

23. Readme

Readme is a great theme for freelance bloggers and professionals who want to stand out for their original way of presenting content, with horizontal slider layouts that focus on visual content. Ideal if you do not want anything standard.

24. Story

A template for professionals with a great variety of styles and an outstanding visual presence. With huge sliders you can place your best pictures. It also includes its own layout or builder for easy styling of your sections. Ideal for your online portfolio.

25. Unicon

Unicon is one of the themes that has surprised me most lately. Graphically on point, huge customization possibilities, advanced effects, a variety of demos that are installed with one click, premium plugins such as the Visual Composer and it is well optimized. Excellent choice.

26. Good Space

If you are looking for an elegant and minimalist Theme, Good Space is yours. Ideal to build your online portfolio or the website of your studio or agency, this theme shows an outstanding design. It also includes a page builder so you can design with ease.

27. Hemlock

Hemlock is one of those themes for a specific field. Ideal to create a personal or business blog with an excellent result in a short time. It does not stand out because it is very customizable or contains many options, but it does its job perfectly and the price is a bargain.

28. Rosemary

Rosemary from Solo Pine is a very popular blog theme. A really nice and up-to-date theme, with a perfect look for fashion bloggers and trends, simple to configure and customize and with different options to show the content of the blog. It includes an Instagram feed in the footer, 5 different blog layouts, and various widgets. ​And the price is attractive.

29. Redwood

Do you have an Etsy or Dawanda shop that you would like to promote? Or would you like to highlight a specific page on your blog? Then the promo boxes under the slider of Redwood are made for you! Very similar to the previous one, with a more general but equally attractive style, with different formats for your blog. The design is classic and elegant as with all themes of these developers (eg Hemlock or Rosemary ) and therefore perfect for your fashion or lifestyle blog. The most recent posts are displayed in a big teaser. Generally, the postings are presented by images and less text. That makes your blog look gorgeous.

30. Ink

INK is a magazine and personal blog WordPress theme with a simple and elegant style for those who want to share their stories, moments, travel, fashion, food, photo collection or Lifestyle. All content is displayed in a visual layout where you can place your best photos of travel, fashion, sports, and more. It offers many customization options with a good result, without the need to spend too much time on it. With versatile layouts, exquisite design combined with bright pastel colors and sufficient contrast, it will make your blog eye-catching and easy to read. It has 14 unique, modern homepage templates with 6 different website demos, 7 stunning header styles, 12 beautiful templates for the featured Sliders to showcase your content in a beautiful way.

Best WordPress Themes for Designers, Visual Artists and Plastics, Architects, Interior Designers

31. Flamingo

Flamingo focuses on design. Perfect for designers, artists and visual professionals. It has a lot of demos and is based on the Visual Composer. An original layout with diagonal stripes and parallax effects that are a pleasure. And that, at an unbelievable price.

32. Kalium

Kalium started as a minimalist WordPress theme and has been repeatedly expanded by the developers. In 2019, it’s no longer just a simple portfolio theme, but a great multi-purpose theme, suitable for a variety of industries like travel, fashion, architecture or fitness. Particularly noteworthy is the typography. Especially for designers or portfolios, the theme is suitable – so it offers many features and layouts that are interesting for portfolios. It comes with a dribble interface, which allows you to connect your dribble account to your portfolio website.

33. Stockholm

Elegant, minimalist and with a lot of style. A huge amount of installable demos with one click and a top design full of visual effects. Ideal for creating your online portfolio, including Visual Composer, so you can easily design everything. Stockholm is the theme you were looking for.

34. Lobo

Lobo is made for designers and in general for any artist or professional in this field. A very original full-width slider, a hamburger drop-down menu, and a layout suitable for portfolio projects. It contains its own builder, a nice blog section, and an online store. Excellent.

35. Hazel

If anything, Hazel stands out for its excellent graphic quality. A pure visual style, accompanied by a multitude of demos that differentiate their portfolio. An endless selection of options for designing any website you want, including e-commerce. An excellent theme.

36. Pheromone

Pheromone is an ideal theme to create a portfolio for designers, design studios or agencies. Nice design and with its more than 50 demos, including visual composer, modern elements, mega menus, sliders and advanced options, worth the money.

Best WordPress Themes for photographers and video editing professionals

37. Kinetika

A perfect theme for photographers, where the focus is on the presentation of full-width photos and visual effects. Modern, elegant and professional, a true gem to create your photography website, showcase your portfolio and sell your services.

38. Photographer

Photographer is focused on building a website for photographers. Minimalist, simple, with all the design-oriented elements to represent your photographic work clearly and functionally. Effects for photos like zoom, parallax, etc. makes it complete.

39. Lens

Lens is a professional theme for photographers looking for an outstanding design, with many details and effects that serve to value your work, be it photos or even videos. There are not many demos, but it is perfect for designing a website quickly and with a great result.

40. Border

Border comes with a vertical slider that lets you present your work in a very visual way. It contains all sorts of galleries and portfolios, videos, transition effects between pages, etc. It offers a simple and fast configuration.

41. Sansara

A theme for photography that has the feature of creating masonry-like photo portfolios with boxes and quite original horizontal transition effects. It allows you to accomplish all kinds of layouts with different styles and effects, to show your photos the way you most prefer.

42. Titan

A pretty theme for photographers that stands out for offering countless and different styles of galleries, portfolios, structures, effects, etc., to make your photographic work look as good as possible. Besides, it allows you to create password protected galleries so you can create closed areas for your clients.

43. Epix

Epix is dedicated for the work of photographers that lets you view impressive full-width images. It has a very modern design and is not just for your portfolio but also for your service areas, prices, etc. It contains the Visual Composer, which makes pages very easy.

44. Photo Me

A template that includes a lot of different demos but all oriented to the photographic content, with full-screen widths and spectacular effects, varying structures, possibility to include videos, many options, and a builder to design what you want. An elegant theme.

45. Timber

Timber’s most considerable feature is to show your photographic works and videos in a very artistic way. The main slider offers a great look, a drop-down page menu, and a variety of demo content that installs with one click. Another theme that is highly recommended.

46. Kingsize

The WordPress Theme Kingsize by Denoizzed is aimed primarily at photographers and artists. The various portfolio functions leave nothing to be desired and ensure that you can present your products, pictures or works in an excellent way. A real eye candy.

Best WordPress themes for musicians, groups, broadcasters and radio broadcasts, podcasts

47. Shuffle

Shuffle is a perfect WordPress theme for a band or music portal, comes with a fully customizable visual layout and the ability to add playlists, sliders, galleries, videos, multimedia posts, content from social profiles, etc.

48. Spectra

Spectra includes the Scamp Music Player, a responsive music player. This makes it very easy to integrate the music of your band on your website. The theme has many interesting effects such as advanced headers, WooCommerce compatibility for online music sales, one-click demo import, image hover effects, event manager, etc.. It also includes the popular page builder Visual Composer.

49. Muzak

Muzak is an ideal WordPress theme for professionals from the world of music, music events, festivals, music portals, and record companies. Very attractive, includes Slider, Audio Player, calendar of upcoming events, news and blog articles, as well it supports the online sale of music.

50. Chords

With Chords you can create the website of a musician, artist or radio station. Includes a Page Builder that lets you create your desired designs, playlists, player tracks, streams, musician chips, events, and forms for subscribers. Another good choice.

51. Speaker

Speaker is designed specifically for use by musicians and bands. It is a one-page theme with many options and is responsive-ready. This makes it easy to market your band professionally. Special features include video backgrounds, custom backgrounds and easy sorting of sections. You can even post tour dates and keep your fans up to date.

Best WordPress Templates for Events, Conferences, Congresses, Concerts and Festivals

52. Meetup

Meetup is a high-quality theme, specially created for conferences. A one-page style where all the content is on the main page. It includes a countdown, a calendar, a colorful timeline, an image-slider, tabs for different speakers, gallery, registration and subscription forms, etc.

53. Im Event

Another great template for events and conferences with everything you need for this kind of website. Countdown, event summary, photos and videos sliders, registration forms, calendars, speakers, maps, price plans, partners, etc. Includes Visual Composer.

54. Eventum

Eventum comes with a great optical style that makes the presentation of events perfect. Countdown, calendars, speakers, sponsors, prizes, tickets, registration forms, etc. Additionally integrated shop system for selling event tickets online.

WordPress Themes 2019 Conclusion

These were the best WordPress Themes 2019. The development of WordPress Themes is getting faster and faster. A “normal” theme hardly pulls anyone off the stool today. However, this has several advantages for you as a customer but also disadvantages. On the one hand, there are always great innovations in the themes, such as the header builder, live code editing but also countless demo layouts. On the other hand, the theme developers sometimes advertise with false or misleading statements (“Best WordPress Themes”, Google Pagespeed Scores, SEO-optimized, etc.). This makes the WordPress theme scene extremely confusing, especially for newcomers. Therefore, you should always enjoy the statements of some theme developers with caution.

If you are looking for your Super WordPress theme, have a look at the overview – in general: All WordPress themes are similar! They are based on WordPress. If you have something specific in mind (special navigation or special layout) just look at the theme demos and make sure that your desired elements are included in the theme.

Otherwise, I hope I could help you with the list and maybe you still have a suggestion for a great, new theme.


What can you do with WordPress Themes?

With WordPress templates or themes, you can easily and quickly create a professional website with a variety of features and styles. This makes creating a website much easier and more accessible than programming it yourself. So you do not have to be a web design expert and you do not have to have years of experience in this area.

WordPress has helped revolutionize web design, and now any business or individual can make their website relatively easy. But there is something essential: the choice of the template or the theme. This is a crucial aspect as professional design templates can make life easier.

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