Elementor Review - 2019

Last updated October 16th

Why Elementor?

Drag & Drop Editor
300+ Designer Made Templates
90+ Widgets
Responsive Editing

Elementor Review – How Good is the Page Builder?

Elementor is perfect for giving your website a personalized, professional design in a timely manner. Without much knowledge of PHP, CSS or design, Elementor also makes it possible for beginners to design an attractive website. Originally a page builder, it has meanwhile become a helpful all-round design plugin, ranking among the market leaders in the industry. With Elementor it is possible to design sections of a website or even entire websites without any coding, which is why it is more accurate to call Elementor a theme builder. The theme builder for WordPress is relatively young, but scores high with a lot of know-how, individuality and high user-friendliness. For me, it is a highlight among WordPress extensions.

Elementor Free vs Pro

Even the free version of Elementor can compete with numerous premium page builders. The widgets in the free version can be enhanced with free add-ons. Also the free templates offer a very impressive design. For all newcomers the free version offers an optimal starting point. Without previous knowledge of programming, it is possible for beginners to quickly familiarize themselves with the setting options. The templates greatly accelerate the design process, saving time and resources.

The Pro version offers, in contrast, extensive theme builder functions. In the free version, Elementor gives you the classic Page Builder functionality. For example, it is only possible to design elements of posts or individual pages in the content area. Elementor Pro allows you to creatively customize repeating elements such as sidebars, headers, or footers (which saves a lot of work when you need to adjust the same element over dozens of pages of changes). Also archive or index pages of a design can be automatically transferred with Elementor Pro.

If you want a little bit more: Elementor Pro

Although the free version offers great features, it’s worth taking a look at the Pro version. Elementor Pro and the free version were released in April 2018 as version 2. In particular, the Theme Builder features and the integration of dynamic content make Elementor Pro a very interesting tool. Without having to write a single line of source code, more than 30 premium widgets, more than 75 premium website templates, global settings and much more can streamline your workflow.

Elementor Pro cannot simply be installed via update, but is available as a standalone plugin. Of course, the free version already offers numerous possibilities. If you want to design a page that does not require any knowledge of programming or source code writing, then the free version is recommended. Its functions provide a good basis. The paid version contains, besides the basic functions, extra templates and modules. In addition there are the Theme Builder features. So, in the Pro version, it is easy to create forms professionally and quickly. If the license used covers the number of domains used, Elementor Pro can be used without hesitation.

Tip: Elementor Pro always has offers available to save you money.

Widgets / Elements of Elementor

The Page Builder also comes with a complete widget package (make no mistake: these are the most widely-used widgets, not just classic widgets in sidebars). It also offers more complex widgets such as Google Maps or a picture carousel. The widgets are customizable. Many useful widgets have been tailor-made for use in live page builders. From controlling the distances to changing the button colors when hovering, it offers almost limitless possibilities. Of course, you can also add your favorite third-party widgets by dragging them onto the page. Also in this area there is no need for programming.

This shows that Elementor was made with the designer in mind. It is possible to create high-quality designs without having any programming knowledge yourself. Create web pages in just a few hours instead of days. You can achieve any design you want with Elementor because everything can be defined, down to the last pixel. Users can choose from over 400 pictograms that can be adapted to their own design. With over 800 Google fonts, giving you plenty of room to experiment. If you do not want to be restricted by a theme as a developer, you will find Flexibility and Extensibility in combination with a starter theme on Elementor. Elementor’s code is of a very high quality.

Of course, the websites are SEO-optimized by Elementor, because Elementor is based on modern programming standards.
Translation plugins like Polylang or WPML are supported by Elementor as well as all right-to-left pages or languages.

Features of the free version

You can already see in the overview that the free Elementor version has a lot to offer:

From sections to text elements to pictures, tabs, accordions, counters and testimonials, everything is included.

Features of the Pro version

In the Pro version, the range of widgets is significantly expanded by portfolios, sliders, forms, flipboxes, countdowns, price tables and much more.

Elementor Pro features at a glance:

  • Portfolio
  • Slides
  • Login fields
  • Forms
  • Different blog views
  • Menus
  • Predefined templates
  • Price lists
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Price tables
  • Testimonials
  • Animated headlines
  • Author boxes
  • Search
  • WooCommerce elements
  • Custom CSS Code Global Widgets

The Pro version extends the range of widgets by a wide margin.

There are also plenty of widgets for theme-building and WooCommerce shops.

Elementor’s Theme Builder

With the theme builder, complete websites can be designed, from the header to the footer. For each type of page, post or whatever you want to create, there are individual templates. All this is presented in a really impressive editor. The best part is that you can create the design once and use it on other websites simply by importing it. Incidentally, the Theme Builder works in any theme. There are no limits.

The following video shows how easily and fast you can build and replace themes:

The Elementor PopUp Builder

Pop-ups can also be created with Elementor. With its powerful tools, it’s easier than ever to create PopUps without another plugin. These include not only classic pop-ups, but also login pop-ups, newsletters, exit intent pop-ups, promotion and sales banners, etc.

Elementor Pro – Large template library and easy import on new pages

Users of the Pro version have over 130 ready-made templates at their disposal. Instead of starting from scratch, you simply choose an already professionally designed template. It offers a lot of space for individuality, because colors, pictures or texts can be customized according to your personal preferences. The design of your dreams is easy to realize. It does not matter if you’re designing only a section or a whole page. In the template library, every design can be saved and reinserted at any point.

The templates are available for more than one website. Each of the templates can be exported and imported on any other website via Elementor WordPress plugin.

Elementor’s free version offers numerous possibilities, but the interesting Theme Builder features are reserved for Elementor Pro. With the help of the Theme Builder functions it is possible to achieve comprehensive adaptations in recurring elements such as sidebars, footers or headers. The presentation of archives such as the blog overview or the search results can be designed in the same way with Elementor Pro.

Easy and quick to install

First, you have to install Elementor’s free version, even if ultimately you want to use the paid version. The free version is either downloaded directly from the WordPress plugin repository or from the Elementor homepage. If you would like to use the additional functions of the Pro version, download the Pro plugin from your own account after the purchase, install and activate it. In addition, the license number must be entered in the Elementor settings. According to the manufacturer, Elementor works with all WordPress themes. A problem-free interface and optimal conditions for the use of Theme Builder functions offer themes such as Ocean WP, Astra and Page Builder Framework. The manufacturer offers owners of the Pro license a separate and suitable theme for download.

Work easily with the editor

With the editor, it works quickly and smoothly. In all areas, Elementor is extremely user-friendly. The various settings can be intuitively configured within a short time, which makes creating special option dialogs easy.

Good to know: If there are problems, they can usually be fixed by reloading the editor.

The design elements of Elementor Pro will win over even the most demanding of users. For each of the more than 50 design elements, there are numerous other setting options in the editor, so that your own website can really be designed according to your personal preferences.


Of course, all pages created with Elementor are designed for viewing on smartphones, tablets, and desktop monitors. You can easily and quickly activate the desired views in the editor. Each setting and item can be customized for desktop, mobile or tablet. It’s that easy.

Elementor Prices: Loyalty pays off

At Elementor, users will find fair pricing that can be tailored to their needs. The Pro version can also be purchased for individual websites. The price is valid for one year and includes updates and support. Users can continue to use the Elementor plugin after the first year is over. However, you will receive no further updates and no support. If the license is renewed for another year, the price will be reduced. If you renew your annual suscription, you will receive a 25% discount on the normal price. It is possible that Elementor will switch to a larger license later. Customers simply pay the difference between the two rates when upgrading.

For Starters:
For 1 website, Elementor Pro costs $49 a year (minus discount on renewal)

For companies / people with more than 1 website:
For 3 websites, Elementor Pro costs $99 a year (minus discount on renewal)

For Companies, Agencies and Webdesigner with many Websites
For 999 websites, Elementor Pro costs $199 a year (minus discount on renewal)

All licenses include 1 year of updates and support.

Straightforward and well thought-out: Easy to upgrade

It could not be easier. Users of the free version who would like to use Elementor Pro will have no troubles. All the basic features of the free version are still available after upgrading to Pro. This means that all pages created with the free version can continue to be used without any problem. Upgrading brings new opportunities and also saving users time and effort.

Easy transfer of the license to other domains

If necessary, an Elementor Pro license can be easily transferred from one domain to another. Just disable the Pro plugin on the old domain. Afterwards, the plugin can be activated on the new domain in the plugin settings.

Gutenberg versus Elementor

Gutenberg is a relatively young editor and page builder, so you do not have to rely on CSS and HTML anymore. Gutenberg is easily assembled from blocks. Even if you have not installed WordPress 5.0, you can test the Gutenberg editor and download it as a plugin. Gutenberg still has some themes, bugs and plugins that are not yet compatible with the new editor. Therefore, it is currently recommended to install Gutenberg on a test page or to test it on a different domain. Overall, Elementor is much better.

WPBakery Page Builder versus Elementor

The popular WPBakery Page Builder is widely used. Included with many commercial themes, it has already proven itself. WPBakery Page Builder provides elements for a wide variety of application options, and is powerful and easy to understand. As a stand-alone plugin, WPBakery Page Builder comes at a price. The cheapest option is the same as Elementor for a website. You cannot install WPBakery Page Builder before you buy it, though it is possible to apply for a free trial. You will receive a link via e-mail and can only try the WPBakery Page Builder for 12 hours. In this area, Elementor already offers much more with the free version.
With regard to options and elements, Elementor (especially in the Pro version) is superior to WPBakery. You’ll notice that WPBakery has been around for a few years, while the creators of Elementor have used the experience with this and other page builders to bring a better product onto the market. If WPBakery does not want to fall behind in the long run, it should quickly follow suit.
Nevertheless, WPBakery is also a very good page builder, which is popular with beginners in particular and allows quick results thanks to its simplicity. I use both and I am very satisfied.

Beaverbuilder versus Elementor

Beaverbuilder is a paid page builder. The license applies to unlimited websites, and the concept is quick and easy to implement. If you want to test out Beaverbuilder, you will be able to use a lite version in your browser, although this offers a very limited scope. For this reason, Elementor is to be granted preference here.

Build WordPress websites with Elementor and Starter Themes

Elementor already provides the ability to create great designs using a base or starter theme. The theme itself provides only a foundation. Possible starting themes are Sitepoint or Hello. Sitepoint is available as open source for free and provides an easy, clean and clear way to use it with Elementor.


Elementor is ideal for marketing. You can create landing pages, pop-ups, forms and newsletter integrations completely independently. This saves a lot of resources and shortens development times in sales and marketing.

What happens if you no longer want to use Elementor?

The use of Elementor also raises the question of what happens when the page builder is no longer active. Elementor is still commendable even when deactivated. Other popular page builders either no longer show the content or the content is nested in shortcodes. For some page builders, uninstalling results in a combination of both, which can be very annoying for users. After uninstalling Elementor, however, the shortcodes will be preserved. The contents are still available as pure HTML. The contents are displayed without formatting after disabling Elementor. So no content is lost and no shortcodes are left needing to be removed. It is only the representation or the design as well as the images that need to be reconstructed or revised. Elementor is widely used and constantly evolving, so it makes little sense to resort to a competitor after installation.

Successful from the first hour

From its inception in 2016, Elementor immediately received a lot of attention and was met with the goodwill and enthusiasm of its users. This is also due to the fact that Elementor has started as an open-source license. The development of Elementor was extremely fast. Almost weekly, new features were implemented, so that the functionality of Elementor leaves little to be desired today.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer Pojo.me offers a commercial version of the page builder, which bears the name “Elementor Pro”. The free edition is also continuously updated with new features, so that theme developers can integrate this version into their offers. The manufacturer Pojo Me Digital Limited is not only a developer, but also distributes turnkey themes that are integrated into its own page builder. Elementor is no longer a pure page builder, but also able to design areas of the website that were previously unavailable without coding.

In the meantime, Elementor has been installed by over one million users and counting. With the help of the community, Elementor has been translated into more than 50 languages. This makes Elementor one of the top ten most widely translated WordPress plugins. The online reviews on Elementor are almost all positive. Even in the free version, the Drag-and-Drop page builder creates pixel-accurate websites in no time and impresses with its performance. In the Pro version Elementor shines in the integration of dynamic content as well as the Theme and Page Builder, very interesting tools that are eye-catching in the application, but also fun.

Elementor Pro Discount Codes and Coupons

Elementor is a page builder known for its compatibility with WordPress, and this particular version has the ability to work with basically any WordPress theme, which is pretty impressive. There are many great page builders out there, but the drag & drop Elementor is the one that stands out from the crowd. To clarify, a drag & drop page builder can help you while editing or posting on WordPress, and it instantly takes over the page editing. Thus, web-design skills, such as a knowledge of HTML or PHP, are unnecessary, because you can get everything done with the welcoming user interface of Elementor Pro. Something that brings an uneasy feeling to any creator is having to check that their page is saved right on schedule, but with the help of this brilliantand highly-sought-after web designing virtuoso, there’s no time to worry, because there is a built-in autosave function.
The purpose of this special Elementor feature is that your projects are backed-up as well as saved while you work. However, the incredible features don’t stop there considering the fact that with hotkeys, you have set keyboard shortcuts which are intended for some tasks that aren’t being worked on every day. So, you can get a variety of operations done in quite a timely manner.

Where Is It Possible To Get An Elementor Coupon?
At this time, you will find no Pro Elementor coupons, but don’t be discouraged, because you might have the opportunity to get them on some special holidays. Coupons are the gift that always amazes. The pricing of the Elementor Pro version is quite fair, and it would surely present no problem to anyone’s pocket. Even though the coupon isn’t always available to users, when it is, for instance, on Black Friday, the coupon code for Elementor Pro is sure to fill some individuals with excitement. It will grant permission to the users who are in possession of a free account to enjoy a variety of perks that usually only pro users can take advantage of, without having to pay any amount of money. Coupons can offer to its users more than fifty widgets and a large number of freebies. The important thing to remember with every coupon is that they can’t be transferred and can be used only once.

What Does a Elementor Discount Code Look Like?
Whether you decide to go with a cheaper or more expensive subscription plan, you might feel that the choices of websites you’re allowed to make aren’t that satisfying. If you find yourself in that type of situation, Elementor discount codes can turn out to be quite useful. There is news that Elementor has been recently handing out coupons on a number of various occasions, but you’re obliged to use this service within a specific timeframe, as written on the coupon. It is not recommended that users wait for the coupon to come around, because in the end, Elementor makes the final decision to release one. Usually, it will be released around Christmas or on Black Friday. As of yet, bonus codes and discount codes are not released on random occasions.

The Possible Qualities Of Promo Codes
When promo codes are part of a mix of offers, it is quite exhilarating. It may be hard to acquire, but it will allow the fortunate individual to take advantage of the additional benefits on his or her coupons. The promo code may make the price of the Pro version somewhat cheaper, or it can give you some nice, additional perks. The discount codes can be used on one occasion, and the majority of them have an expiry date. When the promo codes appear again, visit Elementor in early January.

Expecting Discount Codes
The very purpose of discount codes is that it is a fantastic way to save you some money. The discount codes of other page builders often appear around Christmas Eve, but right now, Elementor doesn’t offer its users discount codes, although it is expected to introduce the codes in the near future. The discount codes will make the users who are on the free subscription plan quite happy. You should use the Elementor free version as much as you want because it will take your editing to a whole new level. At this time, there are no promo or bonus codes available for users.


Over a million installations in just under two years speak volumes. Elementor Free functions stably and quickly and offers numerous functions. Elementor Free and Elementor Pro are highly recommended and can also be used on customer projects without any problems. There is currently no better alternative in this area. In the price-performance ratio Elementor performs very well. The large number of users shows the popularity of Elementor, which is definitely well-deserved.

It’s really nice to work with Elementor. Personal page layouts are created quickly and there are useful settings. Elementor has everything you need to professionally customize a website. The Elementor developers have definitely done a great job, making it really easy to use. It’s also fun to work with Elementor and try out the different designs.

Elementor presents no serious disadvantages, except that it cannot produce the content itself. But of course, this is the task of the page creators and copywriters. By adding new applications, widgets or plugins, Elementor is constantly expanding through the WordPress community.

The basic versions of WordPress are not enough if you want to arrange and customize typical elements of modern websites individually and by hand. If you want to design your pages, you need a page builder. At this point, Elementor comes into play with already completely professionally designed templates. These can be easily loaded and adapted to your own ideas. The advantage of Elementor is that anyone who can operate a PC can cope with Elementor. Many of its features are intuitive to use, so even laymen can easily cope with Elementor.

Thanks to Elementor, nobody has to start completely from scratch when designing a web page. That is why Elementor is also very suitable for beginners, because you can start immediately without HTML or other programming skills. Even for advanced users, Elementor is a win, because you can also save your own designs as a template and use them again in different places. For example, you can customize individual elements such as font, colors or size and save them as a reusable elements.

With Elementor Pro, it’s enough to change and save the element once. The changes are then automatically applied to all the places you desire. Elementor is also suitable for professional users as it saves a lot of time and work.

For me a very clear recommendation!