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Is currently a Fiverr Coupon available?

  • Yes, with our Discount Code on the right side, you can save up to 10% on every product. You can find the Link here.
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Checked October 2019
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How to apply a Fiverr Promo Code:

How to redeem and apply a Fiverr Promo Code
  1. Go to and choose a freelance service. Click on the green Continue button.
  2. You are now on the “Checkout” page. Click on Order now.
  3. On the new page there is a text field with “Enter promo code” click on it.
  4. Paste the copied Fiverr coupon from our site in this new visible text field. Click on Apply – Finished!
  5. You have successfully applied the Fiverr Promo Code and should now see your Discount 
  6. Complete your order by entering your address, name and payment details.
Checked October 2019

Everything you need to know about a Fiverr Promo code

With coupon codes from Fiverr, you can get percentages of your purchase, free shipping, or rewarding discounts. But finding them and using them successfully can be difficult.
We all see it while shopping online. The small coupon code field that is displayed in the shopping cart or at check-out. It could be referred to as promo code, discount, coupon or other variations.
But regardless of the name, this small text field always offers the opportunity for additional savings on your order at Fiverr.
If you do not know how to find and use the best Fiverr coupon online, don’t worry. Our website will provide you with the knowledge you need to become a beginner to expert in no time. And there are even some tips for experienced professionals!


Best Money Saving Tips for

Whether text translations, corporate logo designs or guitar lessons: On the online platform Fiverr you get a variety of services from just $5. With the following savings tips you can get the most out of your membership on Fiverr:
  • Refer Friends: As a Fiverr member, you will receive $5 for each person you promote as a member. You receive the money after you use a service on Fiverr for the first time.
  • Download app: With the free Fiverr app for Android or iOS, you can always access cheap services of all kinds on the go.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with a service, you have the opportunity to ask the provider for rectification free of charge. Providers who work particularly fast and with high quality are also honored as so-called “Top Rated Sellers” at Fiverr. If you buy from vendors with this award, you can be assured of good work.
  • Price Guarantee: The price of a service is always set in advance. In general, the service costs you no more than $5 – no matter what it is.
  • Offer your own services: Each member can also offer their own services on Fiverr. Your creativity as well as your merits have no limits. You can also charge more than $5 for work that is particularly time-consuming.

Fiverr: Whatever you need, this is the place to find it

Are you in the process of building your own business?
Do you need help with a project?
Then I highly recommend you use Fiverr.

What is fiverr?

It is the biggest platform to make your business more visible and draw your target audience‘s attention. With a Fiverr promo code from EmbedMap you get these solutions at a discounted price.
Many different creative people from all over the world are offering their services at a very low price. Every beginning is difficult; there is so much to consider and do. You can quickly lose track.
That’s why Fiverr is the perfect platform to shape the presence of your business or hobby.
A Fiverr promo code will help you keep your costs down.

You can choose from 8 different categories:

  • Graphic & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business Promo
  • Fun & Lifestyle with discount
  • Each category is also divided into different subcategories.

Here is a brief explanation of each of the individual sections on their website:

Graphics & Design
Here you can, for example, design your logo, business cards, banners, flyers, posters or T-shirts.
In this category you will also find presentation design, web and mobile design and much more.
Do you already have an idea about how your design should look?
No problem.
Just describe your ideas and the designers will implement it for you.

Digital Marketing
Offers social marketing, video, e-commerce and e-commerce marketing, web analytics, content marketing as well as music promotion.
In this section there are many ways to promote your business online. A coupon can reduce the price even further.

Writing & Translation
Often it is hard to find the right words to make the reader curious about you, your products or your services.
Here, too, Fiverr offers a number of solutions, such as creative writing or the translation of an existing text into other languages. You can have blog texts or press releases written for you, and have your articles reviewed and/or edited.

Video & Animation
A wonderfulway to attract attention with videos or animations.
You’ll find a large selection from intros, to animated logos, to promotional videos. A discount code from EmbedMap has already lowered the price.

Music & Audio
Professional speakers, singers and musicians lend you their talent.
They read out texts or advertising messages for you, and they can write a song for you or create a custom jingle. Coupons also lower the price for Music & Audio at Fiverr.

Programming & Tech
Among other things, this category is about your appearance on the Internet. Get a WordPress homepage, convert your website into an app and much more. Discounts are also possible here.

Here you can get tips for your business.
You can create a business plan, commission market analysis, or create professional PowerPoint presentations.

Fun & Lifestyle
This category is as colorful as life itself.
Hire a person to sing a birthday song for you. There is almost nothing that does not exist here. For all this and more there is always a Fiverr promo code, with which you always get the maximum discount.
With a wealth of jobs starting at $5, you can see clearly why this platform is becoming increasingly popular. From professional voice-overs to app creation, Fiverr is a marketplace for the masses.
A quick look at the homepage is enough to get a good sense of Fiverr’s offerings. Whether you want to sell your services to the public or buy services from freelancers, a rating system will help you filter the good from the bad.

Why Fiverr?

  • Free sign up, jobs starting at just $5
  • Broad range of services
  • You can sell and buy with the same account


A wealth of online services where you can find almost anything

Diversity is Fiverr’s middle name with more than three million services on its online marketplace, spanning over 200 countries worldwide. Of course, choosing the right freelancer to do the job can be difficult.
The biggest selling point for the Fiverr platform is that it appeals to everyone, from any industry. With services starting at $5 and reaching up to $500, it’s an affordable way to do something for your small business. Of course, you have to filter the good jobs from the bad ones, but that’s the case on many freelance sites today, and the feedback and rating system implemented by Fiverr certainly helps to tackle this problem.
For each successful job, you have the opportunity to rate your seller by giving a 5-star rating on the topics of communication, service level and whether you would recommend the service. This method then helps other buyers if they also want to buy something from the same seller.
The regional interest is focused heavily on Africa and India, which seems to be the case with most freelance websites, in a fight against spammers and poor service. However, Fiverr shows no signs of slowing as they continue to expand globally, with increasing popularity.


Fast, efficient and easy to use
Fiverr’s purpose is to get orders done quickly, so you do not have to go through long interview processes and tests like other outsourcing platforms do. With Fiverr, jobs are bought off the shelf and delivered in no time.

Once a buyer agrees to buy a job from you, the automatic notifications will keep you up to date until the job is complete. For example, if someone has purchased a job from you, you need more information to complete the order. Such a request can be automatically sent to the buyer so that both sides of the business stay on track.

If a buyer has a dispute, he gets a period of 3 days before the job is automatically marked as completed.

After all, rating and feedback is one of the biggest benefits of Fiverr. Not only does it help you to choose your sellers, but it also motivates sellers to do quality work, or if you are not satisfied, they will refund you the money to avoid a negative review.

Seller profiles include information such as the percentage of positive feedback, the duration of the seller’s membership, average response times, and major destinations. These statistics are enough to stay up to date as they could improve your Fiverr profile and your future performance.

If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it
Fiverr has maintained the same style since its first launch 5 years ago, although they have made some tweaks here and there to keep the site fresh, clean and modern for the user. The interface is easy to use, whether you are posting or tracking the progress of a job. They also have a mobile app that keeps response times to a minimum, even if it’s not as comprehensive as the desktop version.

The only area that is a bit confusing is when you buy and sell a lot on the platform because you essentially use one account for both options.
Finding a product is a breeze, everything is categorized so you can go directly to the area you want. If you are in the desired category, you can then filter into sub-categories and sort by recommended appearances, high ratings, express appearances and new appearances.

This usability factor really plays a big role in reviewing the 3 million active items currently on Fiverr to quickly and easily find what you are looking for.


Lack of real support & hard-to-find tutorials
Fiverr does not make it easy for you to make contact, so finding some kind of real support is difficult. On the main navigation column of the homepage there is a community link, which leads you to the blog and forum and only there you will find a “Customer Support” link in the header bar.

But don‘t be fooled: there is no direct email address, contact form or a phone number. However, there is a knowledge base of “how to” articles that will help you with everything from creating a gig to troubleshooting problems.

  • Community Forum
  • Knowledge Base with articles
  • No direct phone number
  • No email address
  • No postal address
  • Without having to click around, it’s hard to find any support


Cheap and enjoyable
Fiverr got its name from the cost of the jobs you see on the site, starting at $5. The terms of payment at Fiverr are simple and straightforward. There are no traps or fees, or anything that makes you scratch your head.
A job is listed with $5, with additional options that the seller can add to the job to earn more if the customer decides to take them on.

If you are a seller, be prepared to give Fiverr 20% of your income. You then have to consider the fact that Fiverr takes $1 for withdrawals over $50 and 2% for anything below that amount, so it’s best to wait until you’ve earned $50 before withdrawing your earnings.

Buyers also pay Fiverr a commission. All purchases are subject to a $1 processing fee for purchases up to and including $20 and 5% for purchases over $20.

With the commissions at both ends of the deal, you can see how Fiverr earns revenue.


There are many freelance sites today, from UpWork to Fiverr is very different from these sites and services because they make finding a service quick and easy.

Fiverr is a platform for quickly and easily maintaining or selling a service, and its prices are very low. From funny jobs like “I’ll call you and sing happy birthday” to serious services that will help your small business – there’s just about everything.

You never know, maybe you can find a Freelancer on Fiverr and build a solid working relationship.


  • Biggest buy and sell platform for freelance services
  • Very easy to use
  • Notification pop-ups to keep you up to date
  • Free registration


  • Due to the price, the quality of the work can be sometimes poor
  • Sellers do not earn a lot
  • Bad customer support options