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Gallery: Most Impressive Street View Landscape Images 2020

With Google Maps Streetview , every user can discover the world from home and visit distant countries directly on the screen or smartphone display. Because this should be rather difficult in reality this year, Google has now published a series of remarkable pictures, some of which show world-famous places and sites in impressive interactive views. So take some time at the weekend and come on a virtual world tour.

The Google Maps Streetview team has been traveling around the world for many years to keep taking new pictures that make the world a little bit smaller in digital form. It is less about the classic street shots that are more or less recorded while driving with the Streetview vehicles, but rather about the recording of places that cannot be reached by car. And these are also the pictures that are particularly worth seeing.

Google Maps not only enables you to discover distant countries and locations, but also repeatedly produces pictures and views that you, as a tourist or a local, sometimes cannot have. So open museums for Google Maps Street View , theme parks or other attractions that you would normally never gets no crowd of people to see. Hikes in mountains, on active volcanoes or almost inaccessible areas in deserts or ice landscapes are also recorded. So it can be worth it.

Because traveling is falling flat for most people this year, a program manager from Google Maps Streetview has now published what she sees as the 22 most interesting places on the map platform, which of course we do not want to withhold from you. These are not tours, but only single views, but all of them have side shots and thus give you the opportunity to hike to other points, to walk around or visit individual sites.

Impressive landscapes

Streets with a view

Places of worship

Ancient sites

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