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Google Maps: The new Dark Mode is coming – this is how the dark surface will look (Screenshots)

Many Google apps have been made available in dark mode in recent weeks and months, offering optional dark surfaces that can save both the user’s eyes and the battery of the smartphone. To this long list of apps will soon be added another very prominent app, whose dark mode has long been rumoured: Google Maps. The first signs are already visible for some users.

Thanks to the uniform theme, implementing dark mode is no great feat, but rather just a nice detail. The very generous white surfaces are simply dipped in a dark gray, the black text is replaced by a light gray and all other elements are adjusted to slightly darkened colors. It goes without saying that for the user this uniform dark mode is the best option.

In the Google Maps app for Android, some users are now seeing the first clear signs of a coming dark mode, which you can see on the following screenshots. The users had activated the system-wide dark mode, which apparently is now also recognized by Google Maps and implemented in some elements. Notice how some buttons get a very dark background, without any connection with the rest of the interface.

This looks very strange and interestingly, it seems like dark mode is being rolled out gradually, with only some buttons turning dark, but that’s how it started on YouTube and some other apps in the past. Apparently, the Google Maps designers are still beta-testing for the optimal design, which has now unintentionally become visible to some users. There are reports from both users of the beta app and the stable version. So for now it’s still in the designers‘ hands.

This is what Dark Mode will look like

A few weeks ago, Google accidentally (?) published a dark mode screenshot of the Google Maps app, which you can see on the top row of images on the right. The design should not surprise anyone, because it is already found in countless other apps. Also, the darkened map is no longer a novelty, because the dark mode in navigation has been around for over a year and the dark Google Maps map in Android Auto shows this map view too.

Several days could pass before the final rollout, because the design and the test seem to be at an early stage. Maybe one is much further along and has just been accidentally published – though we can’t yet know for sure. Let’s wait and see what will happen, and how long it will take for dark mode to be finally rolled out.

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