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PureVPN Coupon

PureVPN Coupon

How do I use the PureVPN Coupon?

If you have found the right PureVPN coupon, you can redeem it in just a few steps. If you have fulfilled the coupon conditions, nothing stands in the way of your discount. Copy the PureVPN discount code from our website and enter it in the order form after entering all the details. Discount codes are often not combinable and have different conditions.

What is the PureVPN coupon and discount code for?

With a PureVPN coupon, you can claim a discount on your selected plan. The code usually consists of a mix of up to six-digit numbers and letters. You will see the discount code after clicking the "Get Code" button. You will then have to copy the PureVPN coupon and enter the discount code in the correct field when checking out.

The benefit of saving can not be overlooked and can make a big difference in plans such as the 24-month plan. The disadvantage of the PureVPN coupon is the often short duration of the promotion and sometimes the coupon code is only available to certain groups like new customers.

PureVPN Coupon

A secure internet connection is essential if you are going online. Because servers can track your IP address, your home and other private information. With our PureVPN coupon, you can not only save, but also protect your privacy. Security through VPN can be so cheap!

How to use your PureVPN coupon!

  1. To redeem your PureVPN discount code, just click on the coupon and copy the coupon code that appears. From there you can also go directly to their website.
  2. Next choose your plan and buy it.
  3. Next, you can choose your payment option. At the bottom you will find a box for the discount code. Just paste the copied code and submit your order.

What should you look for when redeeming your PureVPN coupon?

The terms and conditions for your PureVPN discount can be found directly on the deal page. For example, pay attention to whether the coupon code is available for your selected plan.

PureVPN - so much more than just internet safety! With the 31-day money back guarantee, you can easily refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied with your new VPN. In addition, you have around the clock a contact person who is available to you in case of problems around your VPN.

Is currently a PureVPN Coupon available?

  • The only possible Coupon existing is the 82% Off Deal. You can find the Link here.
Get the Coupon here

How good is PureVPN as VPN Service?

PureVPN Coupon & Discount Codes

PureVPN is a popular VPN service headquartered in Hong Kong. Actually, this is not exactly optimal. Because as everyone should know, Hong Kong is officially part of China. China is also very committed to personal integrity.

The company has a 7-day money back guarantee. There are some providers who offer a longer period of time to try them out. On the other hand, 7 days are not that bad. You have enough time to put the provider through its paces.


  • Over 50 compatible devices
  • No data backup
  • Payment with different cryptocurrencies possible
  • Smart NDS mode for Netflix and other streaming service


  • Translation in different Languages poorly translated
  • Customer service rude


It’s so easy to use the PureVPN login

A look at the website shows that PureVPN is very easy to use. The software is easy to download. The installation is completely normal.

If you have installed the software, you can see in a small tour which functions and possibilities await the new user. If you have logged into the app, you can first determine the purpose of use.

Once you have made a decision, there is still the option to withdraw from use. All you have to do is change the selection under the display with one click.

Visually, the software makes an excellent impression. The information is clearly presented. However, the provider would still have to work a bit on the grammar. Unfortunately, this is not perfect.

Connecting is also easy. Either you choose your connection by location or by purpose. If you choose your connection according to purpose, you get a whole list of options.

Alternatively, you have the option to select the world map. Experience has shown that the choice of server locations is more convenient in this way. The connection is established within a few seconds.

If you want to change your settings, you have to disconnect.¬†You can then make the desired changes using the “Change mode” button.¬†Incidentally, the installation and login can also be carried out easily on the app.

The functions and usage are identical to that of the computer program.¬†So you don’t even have to get used to a different user interface.¬†In addition, the app is modern and very chic.¬†You can already tell that the developers and web designers have put a lot of effort into it.

Watch Netflix with PureVPN

Of course, a good question is whether you can use NetVPN with PureVPN. The good news is that this is also the case. PureVPN is one of the few VPN providers that can access Netflix. This is also important because Netflix has recently integrated a system that can be used to identify users who use a VPN service.

The problem with this fact is that most VPN services are unfortunately blocked by Netflix. This is of course very disappointing. After all, in the past it was still possible to use almost every VPN service for Netflix.

Fortunately, PureVPN is so well positioned that the Netflix provider is not blocked. So you can enjoy unlimited entertainment.

Fritzbox and other routers with PureVPN

Tests and research on the net and in the forums have shown that PureVPN cannot be connected to the Fritzbox and other routers.

It’s so easy to cancel PureVPN

PureVPN offers the user a 7-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can cancel your subscription during this period of use. The fact that there are no fees during this time is advantageous.

Recently, this trial version had up to 3 GB. In addition, up to 100 connections could be established. These restrictions have been removed.

If you now want to cancel your subscription, you do not go to the member area to cancel your membership. Admittedly, the cancellation function is a bit hidden. So you have to go to the support page and follow the instructions. It is only from there that you can cancel your membership.

It can take a long time to find this way. If you have sent the cancellation request, you will receive a confirmation email after a few minutes. This email says again that everything is clear. After that, all you have to do is wait for the refund. But you have to be patient. It can take up to a month.

Security and privacy

PureVPN is an extremely secure VPN provider. One of the most important security features is the support of different VPN encryption protocols. This also includes high-level encryption. The OpenVPN protocol with 256bit encryption is recommended. This option is more secure than the others.

In addition, the range of PureVPN includes solutions for DNS leaks and IPv6 leaks. This shows again that the provider is very strong in the security area.

If you look at the storage of logs, you will see that PureVPN stores some logs. The logs contain information such as name, email, telephone number and sessions. The session logs record the moments when you connect. The good news is that activities are not logged.

Especially when using shared IP servers, it is almost impossible to uncover which activities belong to which person. However, it would be preferable if no logs were recorded at all.

As far as the number of servers is concerned, there are a total of 750 servers that are available in 140 different countries. The number of server locations is 180. PureVPN ranks among the leaders with these values. The provider convinces with a wide selection of connection options.

PureVPN facilities with Apple TV

The VPN provider is also excellently positioned for the supported devices. The number of devices is extraordinary and much better than most of the competition. Of course, the provider is compatible with the most common operating systems.

The device list also includes over 50 other compatible devices. You will also find a wide variety of routers, game consoles, Apple TV, PlayStation 4 and many more.

We have had consistently positive experiences with PureVPN

The experience with PureVPN is quite positive. The user interface makes a structured and clear impression. In addition, you can make manual changes to the settings in the software. It should be emphasized here that this is not possible with any other provider.

The customer service is unfortunately less competent. Live chat works without any problems. However, customer service employees do not act as quickly as you are used to with other providers. In addition, the employees were not always so accommodating.

Furthermore, the customer service and blog are only available in English. So you should be good in the English language so that the support can be rated as helpful. Apart from the support, PureVPN is nevertheless a reliable and secure provider with which you can travel anonymously and quickly on the Internet.

The service is particularly recommended for those who like to use Netflix or Apple TV.¬†At least Netflix can’t block the VPN service.¬†The provider is also compatible with Apple TV and many similar devices such as the PlayStation 4.

So you can say that there are no significant restrictions when it comes to entertainment.