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Apparently, I’ll be a gaming dinosaur. I have not played Minecraft for ages,  Fortnite never irritated me and Roblox … I did not even have a Roblox Promo Code on the radar. Roblox has recently reached 100 million monthly players, beating both the legendary Sandbox and the current Battle Royale Champ.

Sometimes it’s amazing how robust these internet bubbles are and let one even overlook the absolute gaming high-flyer. However, it also shows that I’m not the only one. Almost everyone I’ve told about it could start with that term in a similar way. Roblox Promo Code heard somewhere? That partly already. Figuratively attributed the game in my orbit but hardly anyone. They pulled out the smartphones, looked up what it was – and grimaced.

What is a Roblox Promo Code actually?

Roblox, however, enjoys huge popularity, especially in the US, and appeals to a predominantly young target group. It is a sandbox game that is actually more of a platform for games. There are features from social networks such as friends lists, you can chat and Roblox gives you the tools to create your own games in-game. This can be racing games, but also role-playing games or simulations. Almost a child-oriented “Second Life”.

With Theme Park Tycoon, for example, there is a game that is entirely in the tradition of Park simulators Theme Park and Rollercoaster Tycoon. In jailbreak, players slip into the roles of police and prisoners. The prisoners have to escape the police. Quasi robbers and gendarme, only with car theft, helicopters and also plenty of weapons. Also inspired by Mario Kart racing games Roblox Promo Codes. The creative possibilities of the Roblox Studios hardly limits.

By contrast, I can hardly make friends with the look. Although the figures are reminiscent of Lego, only the style in itself does not look quite harmonious as in the cult blocks. However, the game is now also 13 years old and only relatively late had its big breakthrough.

Children play with shooters and micro-transactions

Roblox Promo Codes is not a child’s play in itself, but above all a huge playground on which almost everything is possible. But these are just a few of their pitfalls: shooting games, hacking, flirting, Nazi groups, and other content that is not necessarily suitable for children. However, there is the possibility to restrict an account in advance to Roblox Promo Codes verified games . The chat function can also be limited. In reality, however, most of the kids create their own accounts and will do the hell to voluntarily restrict their freedom.

Then there is the business model that relies entirely on micro transactions. While both Roblox Promo Codes and its games are free, game creators can include microtransactions in their games. These are purchased with the game currency Robux, with which you can also buy collectibles, clothing and more in the shop – also mostly created by users. Of course, the currency can not only be developed in-game, but can also be bought for real money, in packages up to $ 100 for 10,000 Robux. In addition to free or cheap shirts for 5 Robux, I have also seen in the shop which for 60,000 Robux. Or a face for 80,979 Robux in resale? Limited to 2,500 pieces, this becomes a popular collector’s item.

Every generation has its games

I have to admit that even now that I’ve dealt with Roblox Promo Codes, it does not really appeal to me. Neither the design nor the controls seem very frickelig games convince me. But if I reflect honestly, Minecraft in its original version was not exactly pretty. The control and depth of the game mechanics of Minecraft are anything but the modality of Mods. Nevertheless, I loved the game especially in its early access and sunk countless hours in it.

And even if child safety is a sticking point and without a special account it can happen that children end up in inappropriate games or are spoken to by perverts in the chat, I have to put this into perspective as well. I also played games like Counter Strike and GTA, when the Youth Release clearly spoke against it. Likewise, I was fortunate or unlucky that Chat Knuddels was popular in my youth – and also hotly contested for cyber-grooming . With Roblox Promo Codes there is at least the opportunity to create accounts with limited opportunities. Resourceful kids will hardly be able to restrict themselves there.

Sauer also brings me the business model. As with almost all free games, Roblox Promo Codes  also tries to reach into the pockets of its players by also being able to buy the valuable game currency. I think that’s just borderline on games whose players are predominantly minors. On the other hand: What did not I put my pocket money into Panini stickers and Pokémon cards. Basically, that was nothing but lootboxing in many games.

But even if the fascination of Roblox Promo Codes can not grab me and I’m not a fan of the business model, impressed the creative diversity of the games nonetheless. It’s somewhere between Minecraft and Second Life and hits the pulse of young players – even though Roblox is older than many of his players. That alone is a remarkable achievement. 

Game description:
There is no story at Roblox Promo Codes. The aim of the game is to create virtual worlds that are represented in the style of LEGO or Minecraft, to live out in various mini-games, to be creative, to make friends and to exchange ideas in different groups. One speaks of an MMO (massively multiplayer online game), a community or maybe almost a social network.
In the game, entire cities or amusement parks can be built, a fast food branch managed or a family scenario re-enacted. The possibilities seem unlimited and Roblox Promo Codes offers a wide range for boys and girls of different ages. A distinction is made between the ROBLOX studio (blue button on the PC) and the ROBLOX player (red button) – depending on whether you want to create content yourself or try out content from other players.

Pedagogical assessment:
start of the game – register first
At the beginning you have to register for free on the homepage by entering your email address, password, gender and date of birth. Then you get access to the virtual ROBLOX universe – provided you are proficient in the English language. After registration, you will receive a pre-made character (avatar). If necessary, this can be redesigned according to your own ideas. Clothing, hairstyle and many other things can be customized. This is largely free of charge, but certain accessories have to be paid for. If the avatar should look like a king or a fantasy creature, the game also offers a colorful range of clothing and body statues.

ROBLOX-STUDIO – creative, more creative, most creative
The title has a creative approach and the ROBLOX-Studio enables players to create their own world. As an example: From a bird’s eye view, you first choose an underground, for example a meadow, and put trees and paths on it. Then you put a car on the road and test the specially designed world with its avatar from a third-person perspective (the camera follows the character from behind). When testing your world, you get in the car and drive through the landscape. Later you can build mountains again from the bird’s eye view to use them as a ski jump. You have now developed a rally car racing game. Now on the ROBLOX- Upload the platform and share it with the community.
The ROBLOX-Studio can be used very well for active media work with children and adolescents because the user interface is easy to understand after a short familiarization. There is no special need for the English language, since most of the buttons are depicted. The reference to LEGO enables a child-friendly representation. Recreating your own home or building roller coasters are just two examples of the creative engagement with the game. In addition, topics can be specified on the start screen (e.g. Wild West), so that you can explicitly access objects, houses or plants from the time of cowboys and Indians. In this way, the children and adolescents can playfully deal with the different subject areas. Access to the would be recommendedTo limit the ROBLOX studio for young children, since the ROBLOX player quickly gets content that is not for young players.

ROBLOX player – shootings and building simulations
As nice and interesting as working with the ROBLOX studio can be, access to the ROBLOX player with its mini-games should be enjoyed with caution. “It offers endless possibilities,” summarizes Tester Colin. ROBLOX is now advertisingwith thousands of games and over 30 million users. Due to the wide range of mini-games and the possibility to start them again at any time, there is no emotional connection to his avatar and the virtual teammates. This particularly applies to simple shooters (games where you have to shoot something) like Counter Blox or the outbreak simulation jailbreak. “Of course you always want to get ahead, but you don’t really get too excited,” says tester Yavuz. This is also because the games are entertaining and simple. It also has no negative effects on your avatar if you die. So restart and the world is fine again.

Virtual killing with Counter Blox and Jail Break
One might think of the well-known adult shooter in the Counter Blox mini-game. That is also wanted. It all looks childish with the angular and lego-like graphics, but the gameplay is still similar.
There is ROBLOXMany games of this kind. You choose between two groups (be it a jailbreak, for example, a police officer or a prisoner) and try to survive or destroy the other group. You are equipped with pistols, sniper rifles, grenades or bare fists. If jailbreak is more about escaping the police (including theft of cars or helicopters), you have to hike through a small map in a team of four with Counter Blox and only try to defeat the other group. Violence is a prerequisite for winning. The testers saw this critically and the question arose whether a game like Roblox Promo Codes should actually be available for children.
It is not easy for parents to use the ROBLOX-Player control. Counter Blox and Co. can be played at any age, there is no warning. Users can provide an email address for their parents, but this is not a requirement.

Virtual relationships at Robloxian Highschool or Adopt Me
In addition to the different shooters, there is another type of game that should be critically examined. These are those that create virtual relationships that are intended to bind users.
At Robloxian High School, a realistic after-image of the everyday life of a young person / young adult is to be presented. So you first look for an apartment and a job. Hamburgers roast and fill up the necessary money for the apartment. You can also attend seminars and take advantage of sports on the campus. On the streets of the virtual Robloxian high school world, you meet other characters, speak or write to them and just exchange the contact details. You can track where the next party is going or who is ready to chat. This promotes fear of missing something and does not let go of all players without further ado – especially because there are no computers behind the other characters, but real people.
Adopt Me follows a similar principle. Finding an adopive child in a home / kindergarten and taking it home sounds strange – especially if the baby is also a playable character. And if some players use the circumstance to kidnap babies, it somehow seems weird. You can only be reassured that Roblox Promo Codes always tries to create a child-friendly atmosphere. It works too!

Encourage creativity with building simulations like Theme Park Tycoon
But there are also so many ways to creatively build a small empire. At Theme Park Tycoon, for example, you try to build an entire amusement park. It is not always that easy with limited financial means, but with the first income of the visitors the account can be refilled – or with the help of real money, if someone does not want to wait that long. This not only promotes creativity, but also a first glance at economics and the correct use of money.
The various car racing games are also a lot of fun, were very well received in the test and are also safe for a younger target group.

Playing without end
What all games have in common is the fact that they actually have no end. In some games, this can entice players to stay on the ball and could increase the fear of missing something. With a list of games that are recommended to you because of the games you have already played, it also tempts you to keep trying out new things. A few testers saw a certain potential here for long game phases. Overall, however, there was more interest in the entertaining shooters, so that many could not agree with the opinion.

Virtual money vs. Real money
Our testers were always aware of when real money has to be used. This obviousness is good. It is just as good that Roblox Promo Codes can actually be played completely sufficiently with the available virtual money. “Only sometimes it is a bit annoying when you have to wait until you have earned enough money,” says Yavuz.

Who is actually sitting in front of the computer?
The problem with Roblox Promo Codes is that nobody controls how old the players actually are. A distinction is made between an “under” and “over 13 years old” account, but in practice it is somehow not clear what that is all about. You can still play Counter Blox, whether over or under 13.
Already at the beginning of the test phase, two game testers were contacted by foreign users via the chat function, who wanted to expand their number of virtual friends. You should be careful here when it comes to exchanging contact details (e.g. WhatsApp). Real children or teenagers are not always actually behind the virtual characters. Therefore, you should never share private data unless you know who is really at the computer. The GAMER TREFF warns in particular against exchanging cell phone numbers and photos with strangers.

Roblox Promo Codes was unanimously well received by the young people. Due to the multitude of possibilities and the constant expansion of mini-games, Roblox Promo Codes motivates you to dive into the virtual world from time to time. The presentation is child-friendly and the look is usually colorful and cheerful. The control works with the mouse and keyboard and is easy to learn. Nevertheless, all testers agreed that due to the unfiltered game selection, Roblox Promo Codes was only suitable for young children to a limited extent, also because the game selection for parents was difficult to control.

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