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f you’re running a WordPress site, there’s almost no way around WPEngine.

In any case, if you believe the prevailing opinion on the internet.

There, WP Engine from the UK is regularly recommended as the fastest web host specifically for WordPress sites.

In addition to high speeds, there is also CLEAR security and a very helpful customer service (which in contrast to most other providers also really has word of WordPress).

But what about in practice?

I myself already host some professional projects on WP Engine and can therefore share many experiences from everyday life.

On this page I do not rely only on personal views, but above all on objective facts.

To compare WP Engine with other web hosts I registered and tracked a WordPress test page

the loading times
the reliability (uptime)
the required customer service
I rate the support of each hoster based on the response time and the answers to my questions. If possible, I contact the service on all offered channels.

My review of webhosting by WP Engine
I opted for the entry-level staffing program , which at $ 29 per month is not exactly a bargain.

WP Engine for beginners
It is suitable for up to 25,000 visitors, which is more than enough room for most smaller websites. It is worth noting that WP Engine is only for hosting WordPress pages – other web software is not supported.

This specialization on WordPress is also the great strength of WP Engine – everything is completely designed for the web software. From performance to security and support.

But one after anonther:

WP Engine is convincing with these STRENGTHSWeb hosting provider benefits
During my test, I learned to appreciate some features, because they bring real benefits in everyday life:

# 1: The fastest loading times of my WordPress page
Given the steep starting price, I expected a lot here – and was not disappointed.

Hosting WP Engine is one of the fastest and your visitors will reach your site in no time. After only a few hundred milliseconds, my Wordpess test page was finished loading.

# 3: EXTREMELY helpful & competent support
In the technical equipment WP Engine believe so – but the required premium price these values justify yet not quite.

Why you pay so much more for WordPress hosting, but quickly becomes clear in customer service:

This is one of the absolute best that I have ever come across – and over the years I have made acquaintance with countless web hosts.

The user interface at WP Engine
In 24/7 chat, employees reply within seconds (!) And have much more idea of ​​WordPress than any other hosting service.

My questions were not just answered, but in many cases they dealt with the problem directly. For example, when I wanted to forward a blog page, the employee not only set up this 1 redirect, but also did the whole thing for the rest of the entries.

When it comes to reaction time and competence, WP Engine’s service is top class.

# 4: High security through tight WordPress interlocking
WordPress is a popular attack target for hackers due to its proliferation. Again and again, there are vulnerabilities in hosting or in plugins that endanger your site.

WP Engine therefore goes a step further than conventional hosters: security holes are not only closed on the server itself, but also in WordPress.

You’re probably wondering how to do that?

WP Engine prohibits unsafe plugins.

You can not use extensions with known security holes for your site. This makes WP Engine one of the safest providers, even if it can cause some problems (which I will discuss in more detail below).

Because of this, WP Engine is definitely the safest WordPress hoster ever.

# 5: Automatic Backups & Daily Malware Scan
Backups are very easy with WPEngine.
Should something go wrong then you can restore your page with 1 click.

Thanks to automatic updates you are always on the safe side. You can also back up your project manually at any time.
Another useful feature is the daily malware scan, which checks your installation for malware.
For other providers alone costs up to 10 € per month. Directly from the backup interface you can use the next feature:

# 6: Excellent staging environment
One of the biggest advantages of WP Engine is the built-in staging .

With this feature, you can easily create a private copy of your WordPress page where you can make any changes without your visitors being aware of it.

A great feature for developers & professional blog owners!

Great for testing WordPress pages.
You can, for example, change the design, test new plugins or just try out if your site is running smoothly after an update. Fits everything, then you can copy the test environment with 1 click on your “live” page.

# 7: Your page stays online even with high traffic
WP Engine automatically scales traffic . Although the number of monthly visits is limited, you can have almost any number of concurrent visits.

For example, if your page is linked to a large news portal, then additional visitors can quickly crash normal web hosting. For high numbers of visitors, the small servers are simply not designed.

With WP Engine, your page stays available in such cases as WP Engine automatically distributes the additional load to other servers.

# 8: Free Transfer & Free SSL for secure connections
If you already have an existing WordPress site, then you can easily transfer it to WP Engine. This works great and saves you annoying copying files.

If you also want to hedge your site against hackers, SSL encryption is one of the best options.

WP Engine provides you with a secure connection at no extra cost , making your site more vulnerable.

# 9: Given the many features, the price is fair
At first glance, 29 € per month sounds like a lot of money for a WordPress site.

But if you look at the many features & services on WP Engine, then this relativises the rather high entry-level price.

The fast load times can easily compete with similarly expensive vServern and the many features especially for WordPress save you a lot of trouble in everyday life.

You have almost no thoughts

around hackers
slow load times
incompatible WordPress versions

Updates lose their horror thanks to the staging environment (especially on older sites, every WordPress update will be a thrill).

Last but not least, the English-speaking customer service helps in every situation and can help you better with WordPress questions than other, “normal” providers.

All this has its price, of course.

WP Engine is certainly not a bargain, but given the bid, the price is more than okay. Price-performance-technically convinced the WordPress hoster. If you pay annually, you will also get 2 months for free.

# 10: There is a 60-day money back guarantee
You can reclaim your money within the first 2 months at any time.

Money back without risk.
So it’s possible to try the WordPress hosting without risk and see for yourself if you like the features & the speed. Thanks to the free migration, this really works in a short time.

These WEAKNESSs have caught my eye with WP EngineWeb hosting provider cons
Of course, no provider is perfect and there are always some problems with the best provider. Before you decide on WP Engine, you should also know about the disadvantages:

# 1: The excellent support is only available in English
Yes, WP Engine customer service is one of the best, but only if you speak English. German-speaking employees do not exist yet.

If it must necessarily be a German support, then you can also look at Raidboxes, which is basically a copy from Germany.

Although I have recently started a test page with this provider, it will still be a few months before I can give an objective conclusion. Alternatively, you can also take a closer look at Alfahosting , whose German customer service is very good.

The customer service is great, but only available in English.
Solution: As long as you with English reasonably get along, but says absolutely nothing against WP Engine. The staff are helpful and explain everything as easy as possible.

# 2: Plugin Restriction: Curse & Blessing
The above-mentioned protection by blocking unsafe plugins etc. sounds like a good idea, but sometimes that can be annoying:

If your page uses an unsafe plugin, it will not work on WP Engine anymore.
In the worst case, this leads to a broken page & missing website functions.
Basically, you should only use secure plugins anyway and look for alternatives that work.

WP Engine is one of the safest hosting providers.
For this reason, I think it is not so wrong, if an expert here under the arms. This is sometimes annoying, but still better than a hacked page & dissatisfied visitors.

# 3: Not everything is included
WP Engine is a pure WordPress hoster.

Despite the high prices you have to take care of the domain address, email address , etc. As a beginner, all of these things could overwhelm you – and they cost extra again. In this case, other hosters have the edge.

As a professional website operator, however, I prefer such a distribution (I always order my domains independently of the hoster, because that makes relocation easier). With great certainty, the core target group of WP Engine thinks similarly.

At this point, you have to consider for yourself whether it is a disadvantage for you.

# 5: Bots are counted as visits
WP Engine has now resolved this issue and heard about the community: Only unique IP addresses are counted as visits. In the past, bots were also counted, which of course greatly reduced the “real” available visitors per month.

# 6: No phone support on entry level plan
If you need help, the staff tariff is only about the chat. There, of course, around the clock.

Phone support is only available from the middle tariff.

For me personally, this is not a disadvantage, because I do not want to call international providers anyway halfway around the world. Nevertheless, I wanted to mention this point.

The WP Engine WordPress Hosting Plans at a Glance
Before my conclusion, here’s a quick overview of the individual plans:

Hosting with WP Engine – the cost.
Staff (from $ 29 per person)
Reaches 25,000 monthly visitors and is enough for 1 small to medium sized WordPress site. I have already described everything important above. With annual payment, you also get 2 months free, so you can still save some money.

Update: In the meantime, you can also book additional pages for 15 € per month. So, if your pages total less than 25,000 visitors, it can be worth it.

Professional (from $ 99 pp)
Is suitable for up to 100,000 visitors & 10 websites. If you have so many pages, then this plan offers excellent value for money. In contrast to the entry-level plan, you also get a CDN (Content Delivery Network for faster loading times and higher security). In addition, you can now contact the support by phone.

Business (from $ 249 per person)
Enough for 400,000 visitors and 25 different web projects. An additional feature is the “GeoIP” feature. Visitors will then automatically receive a matching website version depending on their location. For example, you can easily design a German and an international company page.

Premium & Enterprise
From more than 1 million visitors per month, these two plans are interesting. If you need them, please email me and tell me the secret of your success.

Conclusion: Is WP Engine recommended for WordPress sites?
WP Engine is one of the best WordPress hosters, but not for everyone.

As a beginner, you probably will not need many of the features like staging. But then you pay a heftigen surcharge compared to conventional hosting.

Here other web hosting providers such as SiteGround (English, recommended on the official WordPress site) or Alfahosting (German, great customer service) may be the better choice.

Even with a page with many plugin dependencies, the security measures of WP Engine can be annoying.

Since you can transfer your page but very easy and can reclaim your money at any time, I recommend you in this case, anyway, try the provider once.

So who is WP Engine suitable for?
If you have a WordPress project that goes beyond a hobby blog, then WP Eninge is one of the top addresses.

The load times are the fastest measured here & the customer service helps you reliably even with difficult WordPress questions. Nobody else offers such competent support.
Thanks to the helpful staging environment, you can easily test changes & updates – without disturbing your visitors or making your page unusable due to a flawed code.
For the asking price you get a reliable all-inclusive package that works without any hidden additional costs.

If this equipment meets your needs, then WP Engine is definitely worth the money. In the long run you save a lot of trouble by the close integration with WordPress , because everything is designed for maximum speed and security.

That’s why I recommend WP Engine to anyone looking for the best possible hosting for WordPress.