Putlocker: Having a look can't be illegal?
In the case of streaming sites like Putlocker, "watch once" means that you load a maximally compressed version of the film into the cache of your computer, which is already a duplication. However, this right is only available to the author or a third party and is therefore already a punitive act.

Of course, there is also the much-cited right to private copying, the so-called “gray area”, which many users would like to take advantage of without actually knowing what is behind it.

In this case, the gray area does not mean that it is legal, but only that the facts are not fully clarified and procedures can therefore sometimes be lengthened.

The right to private copying
The right to a private copy is laid down in the Copyright Act, which allows a copy to be made for one's own use (which in this case would be the temporary storage of the stream in the buffer). However, conditions are associated with this, the not particularly precise definition of which allows the whole to become the named “gray area”. Sentence 1 of the paragraph already states that no "obviously illegally produced or made publicly available template has been used as the source for the reproduction".

Since Putlocker is anything but a legal source, regardless of which filehoster you streamed the film from, you are already violating copyright law and making yourself punishable.

Putlocker: So it doesn't matter whether the site is legal or not, I'm making myself punishable? We have already clarified the question of the legality of Putlocker and other comparable streaming providers above. Anyone streaming a film from such a site is punishing copyright and this can not only be expensive, but in the worst case can result in prison terms.

Pirate copier - respect copyrights As funny as some may find the title of "pirate", so little is it a trivial offense and is rigorously pursued. No, there is no 100% risk of receiving a warning , but this should not be excluded.