Text Manipulation Tools by EmbedGoogleMap.net

Simple, single task, browser based, text manipulation tools.
Internet Tools:
Speed Test - Check your Internet Speed online.
Webdesign Tools:
EmbedGoogleMap.net - Create a Google Map for your Website and embed it with a HTML-code.
Basic Text Tools:
Add Prefix/Suffix into Line - Insert a prefix and/or suffix into the content of each line. 100
Add / Remove Line Breaks - Add new line breaks and/or remove exisiting line breaks within your text's formatting. 4,000
Find and Replace Text - Find and replace text matching your search criteria. 5,800
Letter Case Converter - Convert your text's letter case to UPPER, lower, RaNdOM and more. 60
Merge Text (Line by Line) - Merge two sets of text line by line with the option of writing a prefix, divider or suffix into each merged line. 60
Remove Duplicate Lines - Remove/delete all duplicate lines within your text/list. 450
Remove Empty Lines - Remove/delete all empty lines within your text/list. 250
Remove Spaces - Remove leading/trailing/extra/all whitespaces from your text. 900
Remove Letter Accents - Remove common letter accents from your text. (e.g. à will convert into a)
Remove Lines Containing... - Remove lines containing or not containing your specified search text. 60
Remove Prefix/Suffix from Line - Remove a prefix and/or suffix into the content of each line.
Sort Text Lines - Sort your text's lines in alphabetical, length, random or reverse order. 70
Word Counter - Count your text's characters, words, sentences, lines and word frequency. 1,060,000
Obfuscation Tools:
Binary Code Translator - Obfuscate text by encoding it into the 0s and 1s of binary code. Very geeky! 158,000
Word Scrambler - Scramble/unscramble each word's lettering within a body of text. 77,000
Reverse Text Generator - Reverse text, flip text, reverse wording, flip wording, reverse each word's lettering, flip letters upside down. 8,100
Randomization Tools:
Random Number Generator - Generate random numbers from your entered low/high range with prefix, suffix and delimiter options. 1,360,000
Random String Generator - Generate random text string(s) from your entered input elements such as characters, words, sentences, etc. 8,200
Random Line Picker - Pick random lines from your input text/list. Lines can contain names, numbers, etc. 200
String Randomizer - Randomize strings within line breaks or specified delimiter. 90
Combination / Permutation Tools:
Combination Generator - Make all combinations of text. 2,300
Permutation Generator - Make permutations from text. Letters, numbers, symbols, words, sentences, etc. 1,100
Numeration Tools:
Tally Counter - Count using multiple, indepently named tallies which are recorded into a printable list. 7,800
Number Each Line - Add a sequential number to each line of text. Enumerate items within a list.
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