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As a rule, only two parties are involved in a normal Internet download. For example, if a user wants to download an email attachment, the responsible server sends the respective files directly to the target computer. File transfers based on the so-called torrent protocol take place according to a completely different principle.

Special software is required to receive a file via torrentz. Just as different browsers can be used to receive normal websites (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.), there are different Torrentz2 clients for Torrentz2 downloads. When downloading with these programs, requested files from a network are counted together by countless other computers and ultimately combined to form a whole. Even during the download process, the computer used itself becomes part of the so-called peer-to-peer network and in turn distributes the data to other members of the association.

Shady websites often rely on Torrentz2

In practice, Internet users often come into contact with Torrent offers when they are looking for free offers for movies, series or music, for example. Several dubious websites advertise with free downloads of content for which you have to pay elsewhere. The portals provide links to the Torrentz network, which are in the form of files a few kilobytes in size. If you open these Torrentz files, the upload and download process starts with a client which you have to download first.

Very few internet users know what risk they take by using such downloads. Because an essential prerequisite for the functionality of a peer-to-peer network is mutual transparency. Each member of the association can see which computer under which IP addressis involved in the distribution of certain data. If an inexperienced user downloads a current Hollywood film, for example, he will simultaneously distribute the data during the download and finish illegal copies of the content in front of everyone in accordance with the copyright law. Representatives of industry also know this. Popular Torrent files are often monitored by specialized law firms, which may have a court ruling on the identity of the responsible subscriber.

Improper use of Torrentz2 can be expensive
In rare cases, such a case can end up in court. Ordinary downloaders are not afraid of criminal consequences anyway. However, the lawyers usually ask for payment of damages and the signing of an injunction. If you are the recipient of such a letter, the only way to ensure absolute security is to go to the lawyer. Because the demands of industry are not always justified.

The safest way to protect yourself from expensive claims is, of course, to avoid Torrents, the content of which is obviously distributed without the author's permission. By using obfuscation tactics like proxiesor Virtual Personal Networks (VPN), your own IP address can be protected from prying eyes when connected to the Torrentz network. The distribution of illegal copies is, of course, a violation of the law. Special care should be taken with questionable streaming software such as Popcorn Time. At first glance, this software looks like a clear media player. However, there is nothing else under the hood than an ordinary Torrent client, which sends data publicly when a film is received and thereby puts the user at risk.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is this torrentz site illegal?

No, our site is not illegal. We are using Googles search engine algorithm to present you search results to other websites. You may not should download copyrighted material - if you are the author and have all the rights on the file you can download it with no consequences.